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I've been probably the biggest Anderson batting sceptic on this forum but lets be a bit fair; I bet even Bradman would look gash if you compiled a video of all his edges, plays-and-misses and dismissals all running consecutively. Some of them did look particularly bad, but you're never going to watch a video like that and come out of it thinking someone a better batsman than when you went in.
Yeah I'd disagree though that you can achieve quite the same jaw-dropping effect through a hatchet job on practically anyone, especially when you're using maybe half a season of play. A bit like two minutes of a tennis pro's unforced errors (rather than Kippax framing them over the fence), I think you could still spot the vestiges of percentage play in a better batsman's misses.

Anderson vs. Lonsdale, *Uncut* - YouTube

So, about 20 balls, defeated by the movement 7-8 times(!), manhandles Lonsdale with big bear mits in about 3-4. Selling ice to the eskimos as far as a NZ Test XI is concerned.