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Thread: BT Times

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    BT Times

    I got bored a lot and sometimes I want to post some random crap about my side. With FC there so much in game discussion and it will get lost in the main thread. So I reckon you need another thread for random articles and crap about your side.
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    In a series of interviews looking back through the history of the Jets, the club caught up with a couple players to take their views on the journey the club has gone through over the last six seasons. To look back at season one is club legend and one of their original signings Doug Clayton.


    Season One: Us versus Them

    Season One was probably one the most successful seasons for the club, but also probably one of the hardest seasons the club has been through. Coming from the Hammertime academy in NZ one of biggest club in NZ at the time and still is to a small club in Jaffna, a town I never heard of was pretty tough. It was hard to adapt initially to the lifestyle and with not many of the local players speaking very good English, it made things tough, especially batting at times.

    But the hardest part of the season was them versus us mentally around the club. With nine overseas players signing in the first half of the season, there was a feeling with the local players that they were being shafted without even getting a chance. Things got even worse when the local players were dominating matches and the overseas were struggling to come to grips with the different type of conditions in Sri Lanka.

    One the pitch however things were going quite well after two early season losses, the team started to gel pretty well and string together six wins in a row. The bowlers were really dominating the matches and our top order was scoring a lot of runs. With three matches left in the season the club was basically two wins away from securing a first title.

    Even though we were winning a lot of games comfortably, the inconsistency of our batting line up was something that was getting shown up in a few games. With some important end of season matches against the top of table sides to come, the manager decided to go on another massive buy spree. We brought in five fairly big name players at the time for record prices; three batsmen, a batting all rounder and a spinner.

    The big news however from all these signings was the name of one of the players that departed to make way for them, Henri Haasim. Haasim was not only the opening batsmen and the main all rounder, he was the Club Captain. The fans had started to simmer down after the mass of overseas signings, due to the winning streak. But all hell broke loose when Haasim was sold. The managers house to ransacked and De Bruyns (the man who replaced him) house was set a light.

    In the aftermath of all this I ended up been given the vice captaincy. I didn’t really know what to make of all this as I had struggled to score runs all season and there were rumours I was going to be dropped for specialist batsmen and one of part timer was going to keep, which did happen in the friendly before the playoff.

    The real story at the end of day was our new skipper Tenura Girubaharan. After his best mate and fellow opening partner got sold and he took over his role, he ended up scoring two hundreds and a fifty in our last three games to get us the title. He also ended up taking Haasim all rounder position in the last game and our playoff and taking 3 wickets.

    This season was one I would like to forgot personally as batsmen, as couldn’t score a run. From a team prospective we got out first title, got promotion and won 13 out 16 competitive matches. This season will probably be remembered for what happened off the field as much as what happened on the field.

    Doug Clayton

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    Have got an afternoon to waste, so I thought I'd write up a team report type thing on each player.

    Robert Bennie
    An import from the mighty Central Districts, the right arm fast bowler has been a solid contributor to the Tigers in recent times. Though he's not as quick as some, he does have a nagging line and length which sees him consistently chalk up victims.

    OD Career: 61 wickets @ 31.80
    FC Career: 17 wickets @ 17.82

    Stephen Brayley
    One of the few original squad members to still play for the Tigers, Brayley has been toiling away since his first match in the baggy black and yellow. His left arm chinamans have been a steady source of wickets for his captain as he continues to be a first choice player.

    OD Career: 46 wickets @ 33.39
    FC Career: 10 wickets @ 21.30

    Matt Connell
    Right arm medium bowler Matt Connell is a new face to the Tawonga team, brought in specifically for Second Eleven duties. On his day, his inswingers can be near unplayable while his stock ball that seams away has trapped a number of proficient batsmen in his time.

    OD Career: 27 wickets @ 34.70
    FC Career: 1 @ 22.00

    Nicolas Dhindsa
    This rookie batsman has quickly cemented his spot in the batting line up after a string of superb performances in both the one day and first class arenas. Initially out of his depth as an inexperienced lower order batsman in Division 4, the following season has been a prosperous and promising one for Dhindsa, who is close to becoming the teams premier batsman.

    OD Career: 325 runs @ 36.11
    FC Career: 543 runs @ 181.00

    Pete Drummond
    The most recent purchase for the Tigers is an old face for the manager. A player who was in the managers previous team, the Canterbury Crusaders, Drummond has established himself as a fine middle order batsman who can keep wicket. At 30, some might say his best days are behind him but he himself knows he can offer a lot to a team and will fight to stay on in face of stiff competition.

    OD Career: 3387 runs @ 53.76
    FC Career: 992 runs @ 141.71

    Carl Fletcher
    Another ring in for the Second Eleven, Carl Fletcher made a massive impact in his only first class match for the Tigers, where he took 8 wickets for just 2.25 runs a piece at an economy of under 1 run an over.
    His chances in the first team will solely be down to the fitness of the premier players, but he knows he can stand up when needed.

    OD Career: 7 wickets @ 67.86
    FC Career: 8 wickets @ 2.25

    Nicolas Fordham
    Along with Brayley and Siyabonga, Fordham is one of the surviving members of the original Tigers squad and for a long time, their second best batsman.
    A steady right hander, Fordham possesses one of the finest drives in cricket. Never one to give up, he saved the Tigers from embarrassment with a fine hundred in a first class match to give them the lead and set up a win. Still a first team regular, Fordham has said he will stay with the Tigers until he retires.

    OD Career: 667 runs @ 37.06
    FC Career: 660 runs @ 165.00

    Mukunda Ghandi
    The all round efforts of Mukunda Ghandi have seen his team home on many occasions. As the regular captain of the Tigers, Ghandi has presided over more wins than any of the previous leaders and has often lead from the front when opening the batting to go with his solid glovework behind the stumps.
    With the purchase of Pete Drummond, however, Ghandi may see his game time reduced in favour of the more talented keeper-batsman.

    OD Career: 1558 runs @ 25.13
    FC Career: 321 runs @ 53.50

    Neale Gleeson

    The incredibly destructive Neale Gleeson has been earmarked for great things ever since his promotion from the youth academy. A right arm leg spinner, Gleeson has probably been the number one architect of Tiger victories in recent times. His cunning leg breaks have trapped many batsman who have been left bamboozled in front of broken stumps. So early in his career, there's nothing that can stop him achieving great deeds. He is a complete rabbit with the bat, though.

    OD Career: 36 wickets @ 16.14
    FC Career: 27 wickets @ 3.96

    Darren Holmes

    Darren Holmes's career was all but over when given a lifeline and signed by the Tawonga Tigers. A left arm fast bowler, Holmes had been discarded by his previous team after his average bloated with ineffective bowling. Tigers management saw potential though, and offered him a regular spot with the Second Eleven. He has chipped in with some handy one day performances for the Tigers thus far, and has ousted the likes of Robert Bennie as number 1 reserve.

    OD Career: 22 wickets @ 41.18
    FC Career: 3 wickets @ 112.33

    Jimmy Knowles

    Young tearaway fast bowler Jimmy Knowles is fast becoming the premier quick of the Tigers outfit. At 18, he has already achieved a lot and is still hungry for wickets despite getting bucketloads each weekend, his best bowling effort being 6-1 in a first class match. An avid fan of Bon Jovi, a keen cook and an absolutely horrible batsman, Knowles will be in Tiger colours for a long time yet.

    OD Career: 17 wickets @ 34.59
    FC Career: 18 wickets @ 12.06

    Dennis Lever

    Dennis is another player brought in purely as a backup to the first choice players. Since arriving, though, he has impressed with his textbook technique and outlandish sense of humour. He will struggle for first team honours though, as there is a fair backlog already ahead of him.

    OD Career: 227 runs @ 45.40
    FC Career: 601 runs @ 150.25

    Bobby Mcmahon

    One of the first transfers into the Tigers, Mcmahon has carried more drinks in recent times than anyone else. A tough as nails batsman, he will never excite anyone with stylish stroke play but will grind out runs for the team as needed. He lists Steve Waugh and Rahul Dravid as his heroes, and enjoys mixing cocktails for his teammates.

    OD Career: 1198 runs @ 37.44
    FC Career: 8 runs for not out

    Ed Mills

    The number 1 seam bowler for the Tigers and product of the youth academy, Ed Mills counts a mean slower ball as part of his armoury, something which he works hard on every week at training. Disliked by many opposition batsmen for his ability to chat up a storm, Mills can destroy line ups in the space of an over to give his team the edge.
    He has competition for the right to be number 1 though, as Knowles continues to develop in leaps and bounds.

    OD Career: 52 wickets @ 16.94
    FC Career: 22 wickets @ 5.95

    Tom Murphy

    One of the more senior players in the squad, Murphy hasn't quite made a claim for top honours as much as he'd like with mediocre performances in one day and first class arenas. It looks as though he will be relegated to Second Eleven duties from now on, despite being one of the nippier bowlers in the nets.

    OD Career: 68 wickets @ 28.47
    FC Career: 6 wickets @ 47.00

    Colin Rhodes

    The oldest face in the squad and back up wicket keeper. Rhodes has been able to keep his foot in the door as far as first team selection goes, despite being one of the least attractive batsmen in the league.
    A tenacious ability to occupy the crease, he lead the side through a dark period in the sides history when they were repeatedly thumped in Division 4. He never gave up though, and was rewarded with a place in the starting XI for the new season. He took like a duck to water in first class cricket, scoring the teams highest individual score of 547.

    OD Career: 1128 runs @ 34.18
    FC Career: 795 runs @ 99.38

    Matthew Siyabonga

    "Bongers" has been the premier batsman since Greg Thomas took over the team. One of the original 3 players still playing, Siyabonga has timing like noone else. A clean hitter of the ball who can accelerate or accumulate superbly depending on the situation. His training days are over however, and he has since settled down as the anchor of the team innings, knowing that one day, he will be surpassed. He was the only player to come through the Division 4 tribulations with his average intact.

    OD Career: 1870 runs @ 81.30
    FC Career: 750 runs @ 150.00

    Barry Stannage

    Barry Stannage is a strong off side player who has been drafted in to open the batting for the Tawonga Tigers. He enjoys seeing off the new ball, mainly to the boundary, and has a knack for picking which way the ball will swing.

    OD Career: 1948 runs @ 33.59
    FC Career: 479 runs @ 159.67

    Martin Thomson

    Brought in to open the batting, Thomson has since been able to form a strong partnership with Stannage to get the Tigers off to a good start. he has a certain weakness against spin, though, and has since been getting out after starting well against the seamers.

    OD Career: 502 runs @ 45.64
    FC Career: 395 @ 49.38

    Colin Van der bergh

    Let's face it, Van der bergh is in the team because he has a cool name. He can hardly bat, barely field and lets not even touch on his pie bowling. He has a place, though, making up numbers for friendlies or when the first teamers are tired.

    OD Career: 54 runs @ 7.71
    FC Career: 35 runs @ 35.00

    Wahid Weerappuli

    "Pullers" as he is affectionately known, is the sole all-rounder in the Tigers outfit. He has an ability to fight at the crease with the bat, and toil away, unwavering, with the ball.
    His ability is better than his record suggests, and has been one of the best signings the Tigers have ever made at just $21k. Another player who will be in the team for the long run, there is only one Wahid "Pullers" Weerappuli.

    OD Career: 457 runs @ 26.88, 52 wickets @ 27.98
    FC Career: 459 runs @ 153.00, 17 wickets @ 12.65

    Matthew Wilberforce

    The youngest member of the squad, "The Enforcer" is quickly learning the ropes at Tiger training. Already proficient, he will one day do great things for the team.

    OD Career: 1 run @ 1
    FC Career: 27 runs @ 27
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    Go Tigers!
    R.I.P. Fardin & Craig

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    As Whenuapai Cricket Club embark on another stunning cup run, WTV pundit Peter Ropati catches up with Whenuapai foundation player, and club legend, James Holmes, a key man in Whenuapai CC’s famous cup run in season 4.

    ================================================== ================================================== =========

    Holmes quipped and then smiled contemplatively. “Season 4 was a season where we effectively went from also rans, to one of the big boys in New Zealand cricket. We swept our league, and made the BT NZ Cup semis. Not many sides can claim to have done this. It was an experience I’ll never forget”.

    “New Zealand was, and still is, plagued by a lack of depth of teams. The first four to five rounds of the cup are always just warm up games effectively. We won those opening four fixtures without too much hassle if I recall correctly.” Napier CC were brushed aside by 9 wickets, Johnsonville CC were then crushed by 10 wickets, Waiouru CC were felled by 9 wickets and then Whenuapai chased Queenstown Reigns’ 251 in under 37 overs to win by 10 wickets.

    “This was nothing out of the ordinary. Most sides were pulling off similar results.” Round five and six saw the side face much improved sides but Zuluwarriorsfromnam and then Maungatapu were brushed aside by 8 and 6 wickets respectively.

    “The round of 32 [round 7] had been the exit point for the club the previous two seasons, and it just happened to be for the following two seasons as well. To make matters worse we drew AFC Wombles!, the home Joe Harriot, not only New Zealand’s best batsmen at the time, but probably the world’s. They were on track to win promotion to I.1. We figured we just had to go out there and give them hell, chance our arm a bit. A long story short, Jason Duggan played perhaps his finest innings for Whenuapai, or at least it was the one that well and truly established himself as Whenuapai’s no.1. His 60 ball hundred was one of the finest innings I’ve seen played.” Indeed, Duggan finished on 133* off 90 balls, backed up by Dwayne Waddell’s 137 off 124 balls, seeing the side through to 360/7.

    “We had the runs on the board but now had to deal with every bowler’s nightmare, Joe Harriot.” Harriot would score a brilliant 124 off 107 balls, whilst featuring in a 203 run opening stand. “We somehow managed to grind them down, and the asking rate gradually got out of hand. Jimmy [Mutasa] claimed the honour of removing Harriot while I chipped in with two.” AFC Wombles! had been dismissed for 301. It was certainly a game for the ages in Whenuapai fans eyes.

    “We drew the Colonels next up, a I.1 side at the time. We’d played them in our opening season, and they had dumped us out of the cup the season beforehand. Each occasion had seen bowling blow our batting away like it wasn’t even there. We felt that we had been steadily improving, and on this day might be able to take a challenge to them.” It started well for Whenuapai, but when Duggan and Waddell went in quick succession it was 152/3 with the sides stars batsmen both out. Up stepped Ken Lennon who played an excellent hand with a crucial 74*. Lennon shared numerous small partnerships with members of the lower order including a 26 run stand with Derick Henshaw for the 10th wicket. “We posted 300. It was an absolute team effort. From here we backed ourselves and although the game hung in the balance for a while, Jimmy and Seamus’ [Hamshaw] triple breakthrough took them from 151/3 to 153/6 more or less sealed the 48 run win.”

    “Now we had the belief that we could beat anybody.” Whenuapai needed this alright, as they drew National champions Calvi’s CC, who would go onto to retain their I.1 crown later in the season. “The bowlers did an outstanding job on this occasion. We restricted them to 237, when at one stage 300 looked all but assured. Jason Duggan then hit a rapid 50 off only 32 balls as we began our chase, and we seemed well on our way. Then he went next ball. Dwayne [Waddell] and Seamus then set about grafting our way to victory. It all seemed certain when we reached 219/2 with plenty of time to score the winning runs. No one really figured we’d find ourselves 233/7. To be out there at this stage and to watch Steven Sweeney hit the winnings runs was a very special moment. The place was so loud, at the moment Steve stroked his first ball for four, I think that the ground burst into one gigantic collective orgasm. The following ball one leg bye was collected, and we had done it.

    “In the semis, I just don’t think we were there mentally. The past few weeks had taken their toll.” Batting first, Sagehens piled on 364/2, with Whenuapai falling well short being bowled out 260. “It had been a crazy few weeks.”

    It certainly had been. Whenuapai CC from here gained promotion into division II where they have without too many remained ever since. And surely it is only a matter of time before they promote into the top division.

    For Holmes part, in the 10 games he captured 23 wickets at 15.86. A very tidy return given some of the sides that Whenuapai battled during the campaign
    "Matt Damon"

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    nice reads
    Career cricket
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    Off season: FC 1209 @ 52.51 & One Day: 921 @ 92.10
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    Today we speak with Mark Reed, Withington Wonderer's cavalier batsman. Mark was a founder member of the club, which reformed in the revived Battrick leagues after an undistinguished time in the now defunct BBC (Battrick Beta Cricket) format...

    So Mark, tell us about those heady days, right back at the start...

    Well, some of us had helped out with the old BBC team -- I was one of the ground staff. It wasn't the greatest side, but it had a real star in Neely Cutts, the first ever BBC double-centurion. That was one hell of an innings!

    There was also Gent, an inspiration with the gloves, Rawnsley and Pope to back up Cutts with the bat, and the three G's -- Gyles, Guelchi and Graves, to batter sides with the ball.

    Unfortunately, most of the team died in a coach crash -- there were bails and boxes strewn over the A666 a few miles out of Blackburn. The survivors vowed never to play professional cricket again.

    And then a new club was born?

    Yep. It was hard going at first, but we pulled together. Many of the current team were there right at the start -- we're pretty much family, to be honest.

    James "Safe Hands" McGreal, at 26 the old man of the side, used to drive the minibus between games -- he was the only one who they'd insure! Then there was Big Mac [Roland McGregor], a 21 year old who batted like Boycott but drank like Botham! He really helped me with my defensive technique. Yes, I do have one!

    It was clear that Geoff [Vincent Hirst] and Lloyd [Brooker] would be great, from the moment they stepped into 1st XI nets at the tender age of 17...Geoff was lightning quick even then, and managed to break Big Mac's helmet!

    So who else was there?

    All sorts, really. Paris [Andi Hilton] and Tris [Tristan Curtis] were the batting stars.

    Oh, and we got hold of another youngster just after the first season started -- a tyro called Dylan might have heard of him! He came in, took on Lloyd in the nets, and absolutely battered him -- Geoff took this as a challenge, and he got smashed as well!

    Of course, I was the top batsmen for a few seasons, but Dylan, or "The Colonel", is definitely top man these days. I can still thrash him at the bleep test, but he's just awesome out in the middle.

    Sounds like some heady days -- readers will recognise quite a few of those names, but what about the others?

    Ah yeah. The gaffer had a policy of bringing in one star trainee each season -- he'd scour the village scene, and make loads of notes. Admittedly, they were mostly about the ale selections at the pavilions, but he didn't half make some inspired selections.

    Rubber [Phil John] came along in Season 2, as part of a long term plan to bolster our bowling. Even with Geoff and Lloyd, we were a batting side back then. Shak [Shaka Gibb] came along a little later, adding some guile to the pace attack. Or the "Shak Attack" as he calls it. He's a bit more "street" than the rest of us!

    Golden [Graham Perry] came along from another club, as did Old Bill [Bill Gonasilan]. Stephen [Hayward] was also brought along, mainly to keep the other oldies company.

    Sorry Mark, but we're running out of time. Can you just give us a quick word on the ones to watch for next season?

    Well, we've not had a proper all-rounder since Baz [Barry Verma] stormed out -- Tris turned his arm over a bit, but he wasn't very good. So, Will Buckley was brought in a few weeks ago -- he's coming along nicely, but won't make the 1st XI for a season or two.

    Much closer to full-time action is Chippy [Mark Fish] -- he's outstripped Old Bill with the gloves, and can really mash the ball with his mighty bat. Unfortunately, he's working really hard in training, and hasn't got the stamina to play afterwards! You'll see him in the one day games for now, but he'll make it to the FC side pretty soon. He'll be a key player for years!

    So there you have it -- good times at Withington, a club with fine spirit, and with a bright future for times to come. Next time, we'll be talking about the club's triumphs and aims with Mark Fish, a young wicketkeeper-batsman with a bright future.
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    Did you guys just make this stuff up?
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    Yes, yes we did.

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    I most certainly did not btw.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nibbs View Post
    I most certainly did not btw.
    Me neither -- every word of it is true, and I've got the teamsheets to prove it!

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    i love the reads and will get one on my boys over the next day or so ....

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    Brackenhurst One-Day Player Profiles

    Brett Read - LHB, LM, Age 25
    40 matches, 34 innings - 20 catches
    1122 runs @ 44.88, S/R (88.42), HS (119*)
    One of the club's orginal squad, Read is the experienced wise-hand on board who gets the job done. An extremely athletic fielder with a superb pair of hands, Read is solid as a rock. An excellent strike-rotater, when he plays well, Brackenhurst plays well.

    Justin Hindle - LHB, LAS, Age 21
    39 matches, 34 innings - 8 catches
    1328 runs @ 40.24, S/R (78.44), HS (145)
    53 wickets @ 26.17, Eco (5.04), BB (5/61)
    Always preferring to stay out of the spotlight, Hindle is supremely under-rated. A steady all-rounder who is starting to focus on his bowling more heavily, he is the leading run-scorer and wicket-taker for Brackenhurst. He is also the sole recipient of the Club Player of the Year Award, winning it all three times. His death bowling is pretty ace.

    Leighton Steyn - RHB, WK, Age 23
    37 matches, 29 innings - 35 catches, 8 stumpings
    556 runs @ 30.89, S/R (92.98), HS (157)
    Although boosted by two innings against average teams, Steyn is a solid wicket-keeper batsman. After being Brackenhurst's choice 'keeper for a good thirty matches, he is now playing mentor to Pete Bardle.

    Dean Holmes - RHB, LS, Age 23
    38 matches - 13 catches
    47 wickets @ 31.19, Eco (4.39), BB (6/24)
    Another Hurst original, Deano is always puting in a solid performance. Extremely hard to get away with his quickish leggies, Holmes has the best bowling figures for the club. Solid close-in fielder aswell.

    Simon Abbey - RHB, RM, Age 25
    84 matches, 72 innings - 5 catches
    2192 runs @ 43.84, S/R (78.96), HS (159*)
    Transferred to Brackenhurst, Abbey has maintained his 40-plus average. Making the number three position his own, Abbey often struggles to get a start, but when he does, he always goes on with it. He posesses a very gutsy technique and knows well the limitations of his game.

    Kieran Lake - RHB, RF, Age 21
    38 matches, 36 wickets - 8 catches
    36 wickets @ 49.17, Eco (5.16), BB (4/46)
    Lake is Brackenhurst fans most-hated player. Known for his lack of luck with the ball, critics often question Lake's place in the team. When Kieran gets nervous, you don't know where the ball will end up next. Manager Patrick insists his experience is crucial, but Lakers looks to be on the outs unless a dramatic form turn-around commences soon.

    Peter Hamlin - RHB, RM, Age 19
    38 matches, 34 innings - 5 catches
    1288 runs @ 44.41, S/R (85.41), HS (109)
    Hammers is the future of Brackenhurst. Since coming down the order to number four, he has dominated good attacks like no other batsman. With a classy technique and beautiful horizontal strokeplay, Hamlin's only weakness seems to be going for the pull when it's not on. Hamlin has played some of the great all-time innings for Hurst. Solid in the field, he is the hope and light of the club.

    Zia Burnip - RHB, OS, Age 18
    21 matches, 20 innings - 1 catch
    1005 runs @ 59.12, S/R (89.02), HS (145*)
    Young Burnip is the reason for Hurst's great starts to their innings. Forming a good partnership with Hindle at the top of the order, Zia was often criticised for playing for his average instead of the team. Drawing comparisons to Jacques Kallis, Burnip found a more attacking approach with has made him exciting and beautiful to watch. Watch for the home crowd's call of Ziiiiiiiiiiiiia! when bowlers are running in to face-up to him.

    Dwayne Smart - RHB, RF, Age 18
    17 matches
    19 wickets @ 37.32, Eco 4.82, BB (4/30)
    Brackenhurst's lack of bowling penetration lead them to the signing of young speedster Dwayne Smart. His searing pace has lately been met with very good control, making him a very dangerous bowler in all conditions. He goes through a very hard training schedule and is an extremely disciplined young man. Smart gains great bounce with a Donald-esque action. All signs point to him being a club great.

    Ty Browne - RHB, LM, Age 18
    21 matches, 17 innings - 3 catches
    337 runs @ 30.64, S/R (77.12), HS (52*)
    Inspirational. That perhaps is the best way to describe Captain Browne. A ferocious attitude with his captaincy and bat saw Brackenhurst move in a winning direction to the force it is today. Setting unique fields and leading by example is what makes Browne a fantastic cricketer and character. One of the hardest hitters of a cricket ball in the game. His worth to the club goes far deeper than pure statistics.

    Ged Dumisani - RHB, RM, Age 18
    1 match, 1 innings
    no wicket for 63 runs, Eco (6.30)
    Ged was picked for his funny name. He's not that great.

    Seamus Copeland - RHB, RFM, Age 17
    7 matches, 3 innings - 1 catch
    2 wickets @ 502.00, Eco (7.17), BB (1/51)
    After dominating in seconds cricket, Copeland has earned his caps in the big-time, but without much success. Although bowling with good pace, his lack of movement and predictability have seen his average inflate to an unhealthy level. Is still revelling in seconds.

    Pete Bardle - RHB, WK, Age 17
    6 matches, 5 innings - 5 catches, 1 stumping
    60 runs @ 12.00, S/R (75.95), HS (57)
    New 'keeper Bardle is one of the newest additions to the club. After doubts over Steyn's consistency in his wicket-keeping, Bardle was signed up after some good friendly match performances. So far he has failed to make tracks with the bat, but his solid effort behind the stumps and keen attitude will see him get better with age.

    Arthur Greene - LHB, LAS, Age 17
    2 matches, 1 innings
    3 wickets @ 32.00, Eco (5.33), BB (2/48)
    Manager Nath Patrick had talked Greene up so much that by the time of his debut, Arthur has all the right to be nervous. But in a heavy loss for Brackenhurst, Greene shone, constantly asking questions and bagging both openers. Greene's flight is his main feature, and his control and variations offer batsmen no time to relax. There can only be good to come.

    Patrick Corniel - RHB, RFM, Age 17
    2 matches, 1 innings
    16 runs without dismissal, S/R (106.67), HS (16*)
    Patrick's tonking ability is his primary reason for being selected as a Hurst reserve.

    Nick Verhoeven - LHB, LFM, Age 17
    1 match
    no wicket for 63 runs, Eco (6.30)
    Verhoeven gains prodigious movement with the ball, but is yet to find himself a regular spot in the first's team.

    Fred Gibbons - LH, LAS, Age 20
    2 matches, 2 innings
    no wicket for 72 runs, Eco (7.20)
    A handy utility player, Gibbons is a quality extra to have in the bank.

    David Westhead - RHB, RF, Age 21
    4 matches, 4 innings - 4 catches
    182 runs @ 91.00, S/R (122.97), HS (104)
    Westhead is every club's dream man on the wings, offering a very good all-round game. With Hindle making hay in firsts though, Westhead will have to keep the pressure on in other matches.
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    Great write up!

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    Thanks mate, enjoyed yours aswell. Gotta love Bongers.

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    Mark John john

    The newest member of the Waihi B team made his debut in both FC and OD this week. The new and highly talented import from England impressed in his very first match on Kiwi soil, coming away with figures of 3 from 74. Mark John john is a 17 year old quick bowler who is definitely being well taken in by the more familiar 'B Teamers' and should see a lot more game time in the future.

    This was confirmed yesterday when he was given his first OD cap and got 5 wickets in the process. His MOTM performance came in a high scoring affair where the B Team posted 358 and Huruiki came after it all guns a blazing only to fall 26 runs short thanks to the talented quick. The resting of the B Teams two frontline bowlers definitely put a few shivers down the coaches spine, yet with the emergence of this bright and shining talent, better days may be ahead for the B Team.

    FC average 24.67
    OD average 11.60

    Watch this space, great things are to come.
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