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Thread: Archived [19/01/09] Battrick

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robertinho View Post
    Top Order: elite
    Middle Order: superb
    Lower Order: abysmal
    Seam Bowling: exquisite
    Spin Bowling: masterful
    Fielding: mediocre
    Nice. I managed Elite spin the week before last, which was my first (and only) Elite rating. Much more difficult to achieve it in any of the others, though.

    Training-wise, I managed two secondary pops:

    Keith Marshall - 19 yo, BT Rating=30,518
    RH Batsman, RH Spin Bowler
    Stamina: feeble Wicket Keeping: feeble
    Batting: quality Concentration: remarkable
    Bowling: worthless Consistency: woeful
    Fielding: mediocre

    Will Buckley - 21 yo, BT Rating=60,220
    RH Batsman, RH Spin Bowler
    Stamina: superb Wicket Keeping: abysmal
    Batting: superb Concentration: remarkable
    Bowling: quality Consistency: quality
    Fielding: mediocre

    Buckley's going up one more level in each of his primaries, while Marshall will be trained up to Exceptional batting.

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    I play this. Username: incey.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Incey View Post
    I play this. Username: incey.
    Welcome to the gang! Looks like a couple of tasty players you've got there.

    Want to give us a bit of intro to your team? Plans for OD/FC/BT20 this season?

    You might want to sign up for this season's CW Cup -- it's not started yet, and there's a separate thread on it.

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    Welcome 'n all that. I've got a question, if I may: why don't you play any of your best players? You've got 150k a week going out the door on players you don't use. Mysterious...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mahindinho View Post
    Nice. I managed Elite spin the week before last, which was my first (and only) Elite rating. Much more difficult to achieve it in any of the others, though.
    I get Elite spin too, have done for many seasons. Though i get it with two spinners which is a bit tougher. Not as tough as the batting ones though.
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    I think I can realistically get elite top, seam and spin in a season, maybe even sooner. I have 4 bowling nets on my 3 seam bowlers & both my spinners had crap PFL for that masterful.
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    Got some pops yesterday

    Jack Davies - 19 yo, BT Rating=18,472
    RH Batsman, RFM Bowler, superb batting form, superb bowling form, energetic fitness.
    A steady player with feeble leadership skills and feeble experience.
    Stamina: respectable Wicket Keeping: worthless
    Batting: strong Concentration: superb
    Bowling: worthless Consistency: worthless
    Fielding: worthless

    Anees Ijaz - 20 yo, BT Rating=23,477
    RH Batsman, RM Bowler, strong batting form, competent bowling form, energetic fitness.
    A steady player with woeful leadership skills and feeble experience.
    Stamina: respectable Wicket Keeping: worthless
    Batting: worthless Concentration: feeble
    Bowling: quality Consistency: proficient
    Fielding: competent

    Martin Liddel - 19 yo, BT Rating=12,732
    RH Batsman, RFM Bowler, competent batting form, proficient bowling form, energetic fitness.
    An attacking player with woeful leadership skills and woeful experience.
    Stamina: competent Wicket Keeping: worthless
    Batting: woeful Concentration: worthless
    Bowling: superb Consistency: proficient
    Fielding: woeful

    I can put some more nets on my 17 year old trannies now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kylez View Post
    I can put some more nets on my 17 year old trannies now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mahindinho View Post


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    Seems like ages since I've been on here. Personally not getting bored of BT, but finding it increasingly difficult to stay competitive and solvent - Although in their own ways these problems are providing continued interest.

    Currently positioned towards the back of tightly knotted packs in both FC and OD third divisions, with an equal chance of title or wooden spoon. I'm slightly more confident of survival in FC, despite there only being four safety spots, and having drawn four of my first six matches, (with another almost nailed on this week.) At 5th ATM, around ten points off safety and thirty or so off the leaders, I do however have more batting bonus points than any other side in the league, and if I could just persuade a bowler or two to stay fit for more than a week at a time, then I could easily pick up the three or four required victories in the second half of the season.

    In OD, HDS has been the real surprise package of this season, on 16pts in 3rd. I'm really looking forward to our clash on Friday, should be fascinating, as I reckon I've got the best two or three players, but he's got much more quality in depth. Though in truth there are no stand-out sides in our league, as is reflected in the table, with six points separating 2nd/7th - (I'm 5th)

    Money is a real concern, with a wage-bill of 214K, and my knackered confidence meaning that I can only attract 28 or 29K spectators into my 40K stadium. I only see black writing on the weekly statement if I have both a home OD and FC game in the same week, and I'm currently labouring under a 650K operating loss for the season.

    So allow me to re-introduce you to the Cymru Gurgitaters - Or at least the 13 players worth mentioning.

    1. Doug Greening-26. Prof Stam, Exq/Sens Bat, Strong Field - (1 Bat)
    (I know I shouldn't really be training Greening at his age, but it's mainly a feature of my worsening financial Situation. He's already at least 3/4 up Exq, and if I were forced to sell him in the future, there'd be around a 3/4M difference in the price for a high Exq and a low Mast.)

    2. Matthew Akhtar-21. Resp Stam, Exc/Strong Bat. (2 Bat)
    (Hoping he'll be half way up Sens by the end of the season, and will go on to be better than Greening. Will add a fielding net as soon as Greening pops.)

    3. Alton Staveley-27. Prof Stam, Wond/Qual Bat.
    (I guess you can call Staveley my Cuss. My first decent YP, way back in season 2, he was formerly The Gurs' pin-up boy. Even though others have now superseded him, he's still good enough to merit a place in the top six, most likely for the remainder of his career.)

    4.+. Joe Noon-26. Prof Stam, Wond WK, Rem/Elite+1 Bat.
    (My most consistent batsman, not getting the huge scores of Greening, but passing say 35 on a more regular basis. WK slightly disappointing, but not really a pressing issue.)

    5.(Sometimes B5.) Bill Jeffery-28. Prof Stam, Strong/Prof Bat, Strong/Strong LHS, Resp Field.
    (Could really do with replacing him, but don't have the readies, and in fairness he continues to punch above his weight, especially with the bat. With wages of nearly 7K, reckon he must be close to Sup in both disciplines, which goes some way to explaining his modest success.)

    6.*. Neale Patel-27. Resp Stam, Strong/Resp Bat, Comp Field, Sup/Rem CPT.
    (Again could do with replacing, hopefully via Yps in the fullness of time. In the meantime he makes an awesome skipper, albeit out of the Mike brearly mould.)

    7.B3. Colin Lombard-27. Sup Stam, Prof/Sup Bat, Qual/Qual RHS.
    (Not really adequate with the bat, especially at No.7, but has been a revelation with the ball, 77 OD wickets in 20 games at 16 - much better than you could reasonably expect from a Qual. Goes to show that Sup Stam must have a much bigger impact than I'd reckoned upon.)

    8. (F)rank Mohammed-24. Med Stam, Strong/Feeb Bat.
    (There purely to add depth to the batting, though soon to be replaced by Siyabonga below)

    9.B2. Jon Wilde-23. Prof Stam, Feeb/Med Bat, Wond/Rem RM, (1 Bowl)
    (Allowing him to tick over on one net until the end of next season, when he'll hopefully be something along the lines of Sens/Exc, by which time he and Bewers will form a pretty tight B4/5 finish.)

    10.B1. Gene Bewers-26. Prof Stam, Feeb/Feeb Bat, Exc/Wond LM.
    (Was cutting edge three or four seasons ago, still would get in most people's attack, but not really good enough to be the spearhead in Div III any longer. Hence why I'm training up two new quicks, with Bewers and Wilde eventually moving to the death overs)

    11.B4. Dirk Katleho-20. Prof Stam, Rem/Resp RF, (2 Bowl).
    (Like Garlic Bread, 'he's the future!'. Ragged at the moment, he'll get a fielding net at some stage next season which should address some of his worst excesses. Set to nudge Exc by the end of the season, and go on to a minimum of Mast.)

    12. Keith Benamar-19. Comp Stam, Rem/Prof RFM, (2 Bowl).
    (Lack of Stam means he's rarely available yet, but he will eventually be my best bowler, and Dest temperament means he'll more than likely be the main wicket-taker. Will be Wond by the end of the season, and if I train him until his mid twenties, he has an outside chance of being The Gurs' first Elite player one day.)

    13. Craig Siyabonga-17. Feeb Stam, Resp/Resp Bat, Resp Field (2 Bat)
    (Should hit Prof by the end of the season, and will replace Mohammed in the 1st XI by mid-way through next season, although my ambitions for him by no means end there. In four or five seasons time he'll rival Akhtar for the mantle of best bat.)

    Not entirely happy with the changes announced on Sunday. I, I don't always have access to a computer on the weekends, so I won't be able to check training and Stam ahead of Cup and friendlies. II, personally I prefer the subtlety of FC to the bish bash bosh of BT20, which is over by lunch time, leaving me nothing to do in the afternoon but work! And III, shortening the season lessens the potential of trainees, and knackers up my training regime, as I was using those three or four weeks down time as a stamina fat camp.

    Well good to be back, I'll try not to leave it as long next time. So now the rest of you pull your fingers out of your arses and post your own mid-season reports.

    Later, Trev

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    Craig Henry - 23 yo, BT Rating=141,796 Part of the Australia squad
    RH Batsman, RH Spin Bowler, feeble batting form, woeful bowling form, fresh fitness.
    An attacking player with worthless leadership skills and wonderful experience.
    Stamina: superb Wicket Keeping: mediocre
    Batting: woeful Concentration: strong
    Bowling: phenomenal Consistency: elite
    Fielding: quality
    Mark Waugh
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    Hey there Trev! I was wondering where you'd gone while driving home the other night, bizarrely enough. The routes a man's thoughts takes while he's stuck in the South Manchester traffic...

    I think the end of season break was always going to go back down to 2 weeks. Means getting the stamina training in becomes more of a compromise. That seems to be the name of the game -- I don't think even Pob will be able to compete (at his rarefied level, anyway) in all four competitions now.

    This season and last have been all about bolstering my batting. Fish has become a bloody good WK-batsman, while Marshall and Mulryne have both come good recently (although they've got very little stamina). Lastly, Buckley's close to the end of his training -- he's a decent middle order bat and 5th bowler, and that's how he'll stay for a fair old while.

    My strongest batting lineup (numerically):

    Bowling-wise, it's more of the same, with my top four bowlers unchanged since season 2. I've switched from a bowling team to a batting one now, but I've got one fast-bowler trainee (still 17) and should be getting one more (a medium, hopefully) in this season...and then another next.

    I've thought about buying players in, but have never had much luck with the transfer market.

    So, this season's league positions. I'm in it for FC, and am 6th in my II league -- although that should improve to 5th or even 4th tomorrow. OD was the surpise this season -- I went straight to the top of the class (in III), only brought down to 2nd last week. While I'd like to try for promotion, the reshuffle means that FC is even more important -- if I've got any chance of getting 3rd, I'll be resting loads of players in OD. Thankfully I'm safe from relegation to OD.IV this season.

    Trev commented about his displeasure at FC leagues being made smaller. I actually like it, as there's now a sense of being safely midtable (3rd or 4th) -- this gives promoted teams a shot at stability rather than near certain relegation. Fewer games also makes each one more important, and the BT20 break gives everyone a chance to recover some stamina.

    Training on a Saturday's definitely a good thing for us FCers, anyway.

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    Biburg had a shocking start to his U-19 OD career but today put in his best performance. Even though Pakistan got totally thrashed by the Windies his figures of 1-20 were standout compared to everyone else (took the only WI wicket to fall) so hopefully he can kick on from here.

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    End of Over 16: 103-2, runrate=6.44, reqrunrate=5.32 (283-3)
    Tienie 3-0-22-0
    Hamlin* 40 (26 balls)
    Burnip 35 (41 balls)

    Quality game on. Resting two players, hopefully Zia and Hammers can do the majority of the work us.
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    End of Over 9: 55-1, runrate=6.11, reqrunrate=5.22 (268-2)
    Menzies 5-0-32-1
    Keates* 3 (2 balls)
    Vaughan 17 (22 balls)

    Last Wicket: Lentin lbw b. Menzies 27 (FOW: 52/1)

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