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Thread: Archived [19/01/09] Battrick

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clapo View Post
    Haha, best name
    Goes by 'The King,' tbh.
    Quote Originally Posted by flibbertyjibber View Post
    Only a bunch of convicts having been beaten 3-0 and gone 9 tests without a win and won just 1 in 11 against England could go into the home series saying they will win. England will win in Australia again this winter as they are a better side which they have shown this summer. 3-0 doesn't lie girls.

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    alanis morrissette
    My team's gun.

    Dream XI: M Hyder, J Linker, M Clock, S Wetsin, A Simms, A Golcrhist, B Hugg, S Worde, B Leap, J Giuseppe, G MacGrith

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    Anybody up for a friendly?

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    Yeah me. Boulevard Bombers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by andyc View Post
    You've really only got about three trainees worth training as far as I can see. A possible training set up could be something like:

    Shoe on at least one bat, one bowl and a field. Preferably two bowling though, and a fitness if you can fit it in.
    Eastwood on two bat, one fitness.
    Clarkson on a bowl, a fielding and a fitness. Clarkson needs a fair bit of work though, and given that he'll be in 19 in a few weeks, you might want to list him tbh.
    As for the rest, fire Gibb and Jarvis, sell Waddell and Willingham and buy some comp+ trainees in the new season. Also, as soon as the new season rolls around, spend use your ITS to try and pull some gun trainees.

    Just the one pop for me today though, but a good one.

    Bill Burger - 17 yo, BT Rating=9,081
    RH Batsman, RF Bowler, strong batting form, respectable bowling form, invigorated
    A destructive player with woeful leadership skills and woeful experience.
    Stamina: competent Wicket Keeping: worthless
    Batting: strong Concentration: mediocre
    Bowling: woeful Consistency: feeble
    Fielding: worthless
    Seems like a plan. Clarkson would have been pretty good now if I was paying attention but didn't so he didn't get any nets.

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    State 12th Man
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    Yeah me. Boulevard Bombers.
    I've challenged you at yours if you like...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samuel_Vimes View Post
    Yeah, need revenge. Think it's possible to make more than 82 tbh.
    Oh, its on
    Quote Originally Posted by Partyush
    I didn't call you a fat bitch. So pipe down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Agent TBY View Post
    Your place or mine?
    Mine'll do..
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    Quote Originally Posted by cricket player
    damn mods are more agressive then the teacher's in school that i have'
    Quote Originally Posted by AussieDominance
    *Sigh* what's the dev league got itself into.

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    39. Zesh Chipo 16,000,000 (Lammack County Lions)
    Plays for: Bitbatbot Stamina: strong W/Keeping: woeful
    Age: 20 years old Batting: remarkable Concentration: superb
    BT Rating: 89,272 Bowling: wonderful Consistency: superb
    Deadline: 29/08/2007 23:48 Fielding: remarkable

    44. Jason Spring 14,990,000 (opening price)
    Plays for: Bendigo Bullants Stamina: strong W/Keeping: abysmal
    Age: 21 years old Batting: remarkable Concentration: sensational
    BT Rating: 122,919 Bowling: exceptional Consistency: quality
    Deadline: 30/08/2007 1:04 Fielding: exceptional

    Hope that guy is kicking himself right now.
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    Dec 2003
    in the wind, so to speak
    New transfer record about to be set incidentally:

    14. Alex Irving 18,000,000 (Bitbatbot)
    Plays for: Broken Bails Stamina: superb W/Keeping: feeble
    Age: 21 years old Batting: exceptional Concentration: exceptional
    BT Rating: 172,788 Bowling: miraculous Consistency: sensational
    Deadline: 31/08/2007 15:28 Fielding: remarkable

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    Can i get a friendly someone?
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    Quote Originally Posted by oz_fan View Post
    Lost my friendly to Tharmi but put in a great batting performance against a much better team.

    oz fans XI won the toss and elected to field.
    First Innings of: Jaffna Jets
    Total (50.0 overs, 3 wickets) 376
    Lucas 183 (138)

    First Innings of: oz fans XI (play as normal)
    Total (46.1 overs, 10 wickets) 260
    Grahame 91(94)
    Remaketse 68(57)
    Willets 4/37
    Sashayi 4/41
    Well done mate, i hate my back up bowlers bowlers. Hopefully Jeithoon can play every game soon:

    Prsanna Jeithoon - 19 yo, BT Rating=33,648
    LH Batsman, LFM Bowler, mediocre batting form, superb bowling form, invigorated
    A defensive player with woeful leadership skills and feeble experience.
    Stamina: respectable Wicket Keeping: worthless
    Batting: abysmal Concentration: feeble
    Bowling: exceptional Consistency: strong
    Fielding: feeble

    Jake Lucas - 19 yo, BT Rating=26,232
    RH Batsman, RH Spin Bowler, strong batting form, superb bowling form, energetic
    A cautious player with worthless leadership skills and feeble experience.
    Stamina: proficient Wicket Keeping: abysmal
    Batting: quality Concentration: superb
    Bowling: abysmal Consistency: abysmal
    Fielding: woeful

    Jason Quintin - 20 yo, BT Rating=20,513
    RH Batsman, RFM Bowler, superb batting form, superb bowling form, energetic
    An attacking player with superb leadership skills and feeble experience.
    Stamina: mediocre Wicket Keeping: worthless
    Batting: quality Concentration: proficient
    Bowling: worthless Consistency: mediocre
    Fielding: abysmal

    Exceptional training session to say the least.
    The man, the mountain, the Mathews. The greatest all rounder since Keith Miller. (Y)

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    RIP WCC and CW Cricket

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    Hall of Fame Member chaminda_00's Avatar
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    Murali CG
    Challenged Smitty, need some revenge after 3 seasons. Still hurting from getting rolled for 50 odd.

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    Nath, if you see this before Saturday, hurry up and accept the friendly. Gosh.

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