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Thread: Well I might be auto demoting

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    Well I might be auto demoting

    My team if it wins today, will have a play-off next week. But if I lose I auto-demote (not something I would look forward after just 1 season in IV). So...I was wondering, what do all ya'll on Cricket Web think my chances are of winning today. My team is Londonderry Lizards (5763). I might add I am GFI as I am going for broke.
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    Well you're on the right sort of pitch, but you're clearly second favourite. If you can bowl your spinner through (default orders does this) in one long 10 over spell and hope he has a good day whilst having your best other two bowlers bowl at the death you'd have a chance.
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    Yeah I lost and now I look like winning this division 14-0 with TIE all games. I am focusing on the Cup, with my aim being Round 5 (I can afford to GFI if need be, apparently according to madman I will play a division III team if I win this week). Should be a good season of Battrick for me, with my team hopefully getting a leg up on the Division IV teams I will be versing by having bigger crowds and stuff from being in V and winning every game and being able to use the cash to improve my rubbish bowling.

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