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Thread: Battrick Cup 4 - Plate Championships

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    May 2006
    I will quit battrickif Crampton gets 400

    End of Over 47: 350-2, runrate=7.45
    Colley 9-0-82-0
    Carless* 13 (11 balls)
    Drummond 93 (86 balls)

    Last Wicket: Umar lbw b. Hinshelwood 168 (FOW: 326/2)

    Edit : Why did i put it in here lol!
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    Jan 2005
    Murali CG
    Vivesh 1/309(50) Elvins 154*(145), Wainwright 103(123), Blewitt 46*(33), Sishayi 1/64(10)


    Jaffna Jets 235 All Out Clayton 67(66), Ellis 61(95), Steven 5/47(8.1)

    Reporter's Summary
    Viveash Jaffna Jets
    Top Order: proficient respectable
    Middle Order: mediocre competent
    Lower Order: woeful abysmal
    Seam Bowling: respectable competent
    Spin Bowling: competent mediocre
    Fielding: feeble woeful

    A bit disappointed we did get closer, but our bowling attack seem to struggle when we come up against a Proficient plus top order. This was Jeithoon worse game by far, 0/76(10), but im sure he'll learn from it.

    Batting wise we did ok, but when i've played better sides in the past atleast three of my top five batsmen have made scores, which has kept me a lot of games. Really needed either Quintin, 22(29), or Muralitharan, 23(42), to make a bigger score.

    Oh well we didn't smashed that bad, well done to Ash.
    The man, the mountain, the Mathews. The greatest all rounder since Keith Miller. (Y)

    Jaffna Jets CC (Battrick & FTP)

    RIP WCC and CW Cricket

    Member of the MSC, JMAS and CVAAS

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