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Thread: Your Record against CW Teams?

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    BARNES OUT dontcloseyoureyes's Avatar
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    Oct 2005
    Haha, I should be careful what I wish for in future.


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    International Captain ash chaulk's Avatar
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    Jan 2004
    Perth. WA
    14/08/2005 (friendly) Viveash v VCC Won
    28/08/2005 (friendly) Asterix XI v Viveash Lost
    06/11/2005 (friendly) Viveash v Boulevard Bombers Won
    20/11/2005 (friendly) Viveash v Anchormen Won

    27/11/2005 (friendly) Viveash v Got Spin Lost
    11/12/2005 (friendly) Scaly Piscine CC v Viveash Lost
    08/01/2006 (friendly) Anchormen v Viveash Won
    12/02/2006 (friendly) Sad Decadent XI v Viveash Won

    19/02/2006 (friendly) Viveash v Lancashire Lost
    05/03/2006 (friendly) Boulevard Bombers v Viveash Won
    12/03/2006 (friendly) Viveash v Boggles Lost
    19/03/2006 (friendly) Viveash v Anchormen Lost
    26/03/2006 (friendly) Sad Decadent XI v Viveash Won
    02/04/2006 (friendly) Viveash v Jamees 999ers Won

    16/04/2006 (friendly) Viveash v Kipper XI Lost
    11/06/2006 (friendly) Got Spin v Viveash Won
    18/06/2006 (friendly) Boulevard Bombers v Viveash Won
    16/07/2006 (friendly) Alternative XI v Viveash Won

    23/07/2006 (friendly) Asterix XI v Viveash Lost
    06/08/2006 (friendly) Viveash v Victoria Panthers Lost
    03/09/2006 (friendly) Viveash v Central Districts Won
    08/10/2006 (friendly) Viveash v Clapo's XI Lost
    05/11/2006 (friendly) Dynamo Morpork v Viveash Lost
    12/11/2006 (friendly) Viveash v VCC Won
    19/11/2006 (friendly) Viveash v Xen Cobras Won
    26/11/2006 (friendly) Viveash v Pup Won
    03/12/2006 (friendly) Viveash v Boggles Won
    10/12/2006 (friendly) Viveash v Victoria Panthers Won
    17/12/2006 (friendly) Viveash v Jaffna Jets Won
    24/12/2006 (friendly) Boulevard Bombers v Viveash Won

    31/12/2006 (friendly) Viveash v Lancashire Lost
    07/01/2007 (friendly) Central Districts v Viveash Won
    04/03/2007 (friendly) Clapo's XI v Viveash Won

    33 played
    21 wins
    12 loses
    CW Black - The best team in the ComP

    Proudly supporting:
    • Wasim Ranamadruta
      Ahkeep Myteefina Jahbesidabed
      Ramatunga Downathroata

    Quote Originally Posted by pasag View Post
    So ash chaulk is the first ever AFL Last Man Standing.

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