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Thread: Archived [10/08/07] Battrick

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    Won my game by 8 wickets after bowling out their solid lineup for 134, lost two early-ish wickets but Armstrong and Wheat notched up unbeaten half-centuries and I won with over half the overs left. I should be top of my division now.


    Inter Lancs Scaly Piscine CC
    Top Order: remarkable quality
    Middle Order: strong quality
    Lower Order: abysmal abysmal
    Seam Bowling: quality exceptional
    Spin Bowling: superb remarkable
    Fielding: mediocre mediocre

    Also for those who haven't noticed the searches now require exact matches, which is very irritating. So it would be handy if you add your exact team details on here or in the other thread linked here:

    Battrick Team Details
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    ECB - you are a complete ****ing disgrace, #FTECB

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    Apr 2003
    Max Rayne House, London
    Akshar XI 61 A/O 6/23 Clarkson, 3/9 Islam.
    Sad Decadent XI Thorp 31* R.Abdul Kadir 27*

    On a much better note. I'm now, first in my group. Thanks to India Bulls, beating De Soekwass.
    Member of CW RED

    Queensland-Season 7 OD Champions

    Currently Managing: NSW

    Rahul Dravid: A Real Legend.

    Quote Originally Posted by cricket player
    damn mods are more agressive then the teacher's in school that i have'
    Quote Originally Posted by AussieDominance
    *Sigh* what's the dev league got itself into.

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    Wales, Nr Cardiff

    Shortland Street, frozen lamb, cheap labour for London bars…Um….And other stuff! Well now you can add Frank Mohammed to that illustrious list of great Kiwi exports, as the New Zealand youngster came of age in a match against struggling Victoria Drivers, which Cymru Gurgitaters should have won easily, yet so nearly contrived to lose in spectacular fashion.

    Perhaps some of the blame for a lacklustre performance in the field should fall on the shoulders of Vayro, who opted to change both the pitch and the bowling orders, leaving his attack bemused. Yet it started off so promisingly with medium pacers Rem/Strong Bewers and Sup/Comp Wilde strangling the early Drivers' run-rate, and prising out the key wicket of Rem South African Winnecott for just 14.

    But in switching from Default to B4&5 Finish, Vayro had failed to take note of the fact that this required his openers to bowl seven overs straight through. Yes, Wilde normally bowls seven from the start with Default overs, but somehow today it seemed to take its toll much more, as the Med Stam trainee slumped from figures of 5/0/15/1, to finish on 10/0/50/1.

    The pick of the bowlers were Strong/Prof LHS Cash, who capitalised on the spin-friendly conditions to return 10/2/32/1 and Bewers, who was extremely neat but a little light-weight for his 0/36. however, the men entrusted with the death overs, Sup/Prof RHS Bridges M, and Sup/Resp LFM Carlton proved today what many have suspected, namely that Superb is no longer good enough to affectively contain the slog overs. They laboured over The Drivers middle order of two Sups and a Prof, allowing them to escape from 110/4, to finish on a competitive 238/4. Bridges M 1/45, Carlton 1/67.

    In reply Qual/Strong Alton (Towers) Staveley had a point to prove, with Wond/Strong Greening just forty-two runs behind in the Gurs' all-time run scorers table, and he proved it alright, giving an eloquent demonstration that Greening isn't two batting levels ahead of him for nothing, as Staveley lost his Off pole in single figures for the second time this week! No.3 Sup/Rem Joe Noon announced his arrival in bombastic style, hooking his first ball from Prof quick McKie high over Square Leg for six. But the problem with hookers is that once all the fun's over, you have to pay for them, and Mckie collected with interest when Noon's Cut was well held by Fernandez for just 16. 46/2 became 48/3 within the over, as Patel proved that swingers can be just as dangerous as hookers - Although in this instance it was Drivers' former England Keeper, Isaac Lawson who ended up catching something - Patel for 1.

    At the non-striker's end, Greening had barely had a chance to run off lunch before he was forced to pick up the tatters of his team's innings, and he wouldn't much have fancied the company which he had to help him do it. Before today numbers five to seven, Strong/Feeb Mohammed, Resp/Sup Cash and Prof/Resp Qureshi had amassed a collective league tally of 37 runs, at a mean average of around 9. But, with his contract under review at the end of the season, today was the day that Mohammed stepped up to prove to Vayro why he should stay on. With a mountain ahead of Mohammed, he said "bring it on!", notching up his maiden league fifty from just 45 deliveries, prophetting from some wayward Drivers' spin bowling. By the time he was out for a career best 80 (122) the winning-post was just 13 runs away. Greening, 116* (119), was once again exemplary, if not a little subdued by his own very high standards, as a late acceleration masked what was, for long periods, a sluggish knock.

    The Gurs now have a week to iron out the malaise in their bowling as they enjoy a virtual walk-over next Friday against IV.11 whipping-boys, Everton_aggro. But as July beckons, a trip to the fast-improving Wrong'uns, and a re-match against league-leaders Who's Your Daddy loom large on the horizon. Three weeks which will decide whether The Gurs' season is to be an odyssey or an oddity.

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    Won my match today, pretty pleased considering I was playing the top of the table team who were undefeated in the league so far. Ended up losing the toss away from home and bowling first, kept them down to 182 all out and then knocked off the runs fairly easily in 37 overs for the loss of only two wickets, Jan scoring another century. If I'd have been around for the first two games instead of missing them I'm fairly confident I'd be top of the league undefeated, and am pretty confident of beating everyone else in the league.

    Just gutted I missed those first games and am now stuck at number 4 in the league on 12 points, with everyone else in front of me on 4 wins and 1 loss all on 16 points. My N.R.R is 11.62, and the closest to that are the blokes I just beat who have a N.R.R of 3.23.

    Going to debut my 17 year old seamer that I bought not too long ago next game I think, see how he goes.

    Edit: Ha, turns out my opening bowlers are leading the average table so far this season.

    No  	Name  	                        M  	O  	M  	 R  	 W  	Ave  	Best  	5w  	SR  	Econ
    1. 	Patterson (Guttedball ) 	5 	34.5 	6 	104 	17 	6.12 	4-8 	0 	12.29 	2.99
    2. 	Carruthers (Guttedball ) 	3 	20.0 	1 	82 	10 	8.20 	5-21 	1 	12.00 	4.10
    But for those two missed games Carruthers might be on top, who knows. Good stuff though, happy with that.
    Last edited by Majin; 22-06-2007 at 04:03 PM.

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    Sutton Coldfield
    Yerrr, lost, better team, usual story.

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    South Holland/North Zealand
    Won by ten wickets. Remarkable top order on TIE.
    A follower of the schools of Machiavelli, Bentham, Locke, Hobbes, Sutcliffe, Bradman, Lindwall, Miller, Hassett and Benaud
    Member of ESAS, JMAS, DMAS, FRAS and RTDAS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samuel_Vimes View Post
    Won by ten wickets. Remarkable top order on TIE.
    makes 2 of us buddy!
    Career cricket
    311 wickets @16.54 and 3021 runs @ 34.56 from 176 games over 11 years H.S 178*
    Member of the CW Green
    Cricket Web Career:(end of season 11) FC: 7404 runs @ 30.85 H.S 253* : One Day: 7331 runs @ 48.55 H.S 155*
    Off season: FC 1209 @ 52.51 & One Day: 921 @ 92.10
    COD4: djs clan
    World Of Warcraft: just sensational

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    I doubt you have a remarkable top order on a TIE.


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    Cricket Web: All-Time Legend NZTailender's Avatar
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    Auckland, New Zealand
    Think he meant ten wicket win.
    President of SKAS - Kat is King | Proud member of CVAAS - One of the best | LRPLTAS - Rosco rocks!
    Go Tigers!
    R.I.P. Fardin & Craig

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    Mar 2005
    Sydney, Australia
    I hit 422 yesterday with my opener Barry Merry scoring 210. Rolled them for 163 All Out, with my rookie seamer Kieran Schutte taking 4/60. Got a match against Blake side oz fans' XI on Sunday, looking to take a 2-0 lead in a best of 3.

    BTW how many PR reps do you need for 936 members?
    38th Test Player for CW XI

    Test Career: 28 Mts, 2108 runs @ 42.16
    FC Career: 153 Mts, 12569 runs @ 45.21
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    Twenty20 Career: 17 Mts, 352 runs @ 25.14

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clapo View Post
    Listed for 125k, thoughts on how much i should get for him?

    Patrick Beer (904195)

    RH Batsman, LH Spin Bowler, worthless batting form, worthless bowling form, sublime
    A steady player with proficient leadership skills and abysmal experience.

    Plays For: Clapo's XI
    Nationality: New Zealand
    Age: 20 Years Old
    Battrick Rating: 4,162
    Wages: £1,162 p/w
    Stamina: woeful Wicket Keeping: worthless
    Batting: worthless Concentration: mediocre
    Bowling: proficient Consistency: mediocre
    Fielding: woeful
    Sold him for 170k, which i'm reasonably happy with, obviously would've liked more, but anyway.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jono View Post
    Mitch Johnson is ****ing awesome for cricket.
    Quote Originally Posted by pasag View Post
    Ponting's ability to ton up in the first innings of a series should not be understated. So much pressure, so important. What a great!

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    School Boy/Girl Cricketer
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    Mar 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by new_age_ar View Post
    BTW how many PR reps do you need for 936 members?
    3, after you get past 943, four is most profitable.

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    Nov 2005
    End of Over 13: 55-2, runrate=4.23
    Poke	7-0-26-2
    Dylan*	19 (20 balls)
    Munroe	6 (9 balls)
    Last Wicket: Jephcott c. Johnson b. Poke 14 (FOW: 44/2)
    Playing Smith, another couple of wickets soon will be nice, but ill lose anyway.

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    Dec 2004
    ****. ****.

    Tim Dawber (1335282)

    LH Batsman, LFM Bowler, respectable batting form, respectable bowling form, fresh
    A cautious player with superb leadership skills and worthless experience.

    Plays For: Magical Ponies
    Nationality: Australia
    Age: 17 Years Old
    Battrick Rating: 3,871
    Wages: £806 p/w
    Stamina: worthless Wicket Keeping: worthless
    Batting: respectable Concentration: competent
    Bowling: worthless Consistency: worthless
    Fielding: worthless

    Was a captain too. ****.
    Quote Originally Posted by flibbertyjibber View Post
    Only a bunch of convicts having been beaten 3-0 and gone 9 tests without a win and won just 1 in 11 against England could go into the home series saying they will win. England will win in Australia again this winter as they are a better side which they have shown this summer. 3-0 doesn't lie girls.

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    Nov 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by andyc View Post
    ****. ****.

    Tim Dawber (1335282)

    LH Batsman, LFM Bowler, respectable batting form, respectable bowling form, fresh
    A cautious player with superb leadership skills and worthless experience.

    Plays For: Magical Ponies
    Nationality: Australia
    Age: 17 Years Old
    Battrick Rating: 3,871
    Wages: £806 p/w
    Stamina: worthless Wicket Keeping: worthless
    Batting: respectable Concentration: competent
    Bowling: worthless Consistency: worthless
    Fielding: worthless

    Was a captain too. ****.

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