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Thread: Archived [10/08/07] Battrick

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    First two should be pretty close if you've been training them like that since the wages were recalculated (just before the start of this season).
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    Thanks Scaly.

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    Singh is well below the skill level of the other guys, that's for sure. He's only a comp, he's comp-prof with resp stamina & he's destructive.

    He seems to be able to finish an innings off well like getting 50 off 35 balls but as you say, quite prone, if required to stick around, he gets out.

    Think H&F with my order shuffled about a bit may be the way forward. Though I can see my bowling attack getting hit for 400+.
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    Anyone up fot a friendly this week? Don't might if its at my ground or yours just want some money.
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    Sure, Tharmi.
    Or something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamee999
    Sure, Tharmi.
    Challenged you at your ground, haven't played on a cracked pitch, so i wouldn't mind try out some tactics.

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    Adam - sent an email to the admin address and yet still nothing
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    in the wind, so to speak
    OK, I'll keep pestering them about it.
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    in the wind, so to speak
    The GMs claim there have been no emails sent to that account. Send it again, if it doesn't work just send it to me and I'll post it in the mod forum.

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    Have decided to start playing Giles

    6. Gene Giles - 18 yo, BT Rating=8,257
    LH Batsman, LF Bowler, superb batting form, superb bowling form, sublime
    A defensive player with abysmal leadership skills and worthless experience.
    Stamina: feeble Wicket Keeping: worthless
    Batting: worthless Concentration: abysmal
    Bowling: strong Consistency: feeble
    Fielding: woeful

    over Rock

    12. Bernie Rock - 25 yo, BT Rating=7,226
    LH Batsman, LH Spin Bowler, superb batting form, superb bowling form, sublime
    A steady player with feeble leadership skills and woeful experience.
    Stamina: competent Wicket Keeping: worthless
    Batting: mediocre Concentration: mediocre
    Bowling: competent Consistency: feeble
    Fielding: woeful

    Hopefully his bowling will help make up for that lose in batting skill

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    Haha yep, I'd say so.

    Got a fairly big game tomorrow, against this team that is -in all honesty- pretty average, but he really rates himself as a contender so he won't roll over, and he'll try to pull something tricky (a GFI or something). Still confident that I can win, though. I've got pessimistic morale, so I need to win the next 3 games at least (which I'm fairly confident of doing), but I think I can win at least the next 5 without much fuss. Need this result to go my way though, 'else it'll be damn tough.
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    V has been a rollover this season, and I expect IV being that also next season.

    III im coming back to you
    P.S. We beat England at Lord's
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    Quote Originally Posted by Burgey View Post
    I think it's really disappointing of her - would only take a minute or two of her time....
    Quote Originally Posted by luffy View Post
    Wishful thinking on your behalf.

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    I read somewhere that the FC divisions aren't getting redrawn, no idea if that's true or not. Anyway for something to do I had a look at my FC division again... Still looks pretty nice really.

    hespeler hitmen
    Top Order: superb
    Middle Order: mediocre
    Lower Order: woeful
    Seam Bowling: competent
    Spin Bowling: useless
    Fielding: feeble

    That's the next best team after me. My OD division is much tougher (even tho I'm on 5 wins out of 5 and then the next 4 teams are on 3 wins), with 4 teams of similar strength to me and another that's not bad. Anyway I'm up against a team I should destroy tomorrow (comp/comp batting, mediocre seam, feeble spin).

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    Murali CG
    Hey guys i was wondering how many backroom staff (not including trainers) you guys have. ATM i have 750k in the bank and i have the following staff members:
    - 2 PR
    - 2 Financial Advisors:
    - 5 Sports Psychologists:

    How do you reckon i should get, im not going to buy any players until FC starts again, just save, so i want to build my club up. I already expanded in stadium, with the expansion of Chaminda Vaas Members Stand and Muttiah Muralitharan Chuckers Stand. Now im just looking to build my backroom.

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    I've been deep in my plotting shed trying to work out just how to beat Cow Corner, the CC team I've got up next in the cup. Here are our likely ratings (assuming PAN and the "usual" lineups):

                  cow corner       Withington Wonderers (me)
    Top Order:    quality     11   superb      10
    Middle Order: strong       9   respectable  7
    Lower Order:  woeful       3   abysmal      2
    Seam Bowling: remarkable  12   superb      10
    Spin Bowling: superb      10   remarkable  12
    Fielding:     mediocre     5   feeble       4
    His bowlers are far better than mine - BTRs of 146k, 67k, 64k, 51k and 15k! I think my top two batsmen are better than his, though, despite the ratings. BTR isn't everything.

    Cow Corner have tough Friday fixture against The Tykes, the manager of which has promised to try and knacker them out for me! I've got a reasonably straightforward match, on the other hand.

    Nooga - DEFINITELY play Giles - there's no substitute for class

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