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Thread: Archived [10/08/07] Battrick

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    U19 Vice-Captain
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    Jan 2006
    Wales, Nr Cardiff
    Okay Baldrickinho! Pick me a cunning plan out of this lot! Thinking of Bowling Bewers out from the start on Def, in hope that I can bottle up their Gun openers. If I could get a breakthrough, reckon I *might* be in the match. Batting wise, think I'm going to put a few sacrificial lambs on Def up the order, and hope that Staveley and Greening can attack the weaker bowlers in the middle overs. Though that's always dangerous, as collapses seem to gather momentum in BT.

    What you reckon? Trev

    1. Lovers - Sup/Sup/Sub. 21YO Steady RH. 13K P/W. BTR 37,562. Wages Suggest a low/mid Rem. Young enough to still be trained, but Sub fitness suggests not heavily, could be Wand by now? Healthy enough BTR, so prob no real secondary deficiencies. Has a season's conversion rate of 3:3, and a career of 17:21, so no obvious Stam issues either.

    2. Sura - 20YO LH ATT. Sup/Sup/Sub. 6.5K P/W. BTR 36,484. Started season as lowish Qual, but could be Rem by now, prob no higher as not being trained heavily. Strong BTR, (Esp compared to Greening, (BTR23K) who started season with similar wages - So good secondaries? Conversion rate for season: 6:2, Career: 14:4 - Perhaps a Stam issue? Or maybe Att temperament makes him chance his arm a bit much?

    3. Ricketts - 22YO Dest RH. Sup/Sup/Sub. 2K P/W. BTR 14,493. Bog standard Strong - Solid but nowt to lose sleep over. Conversion rate lousy, 4:1 and 15:4.

    4. Summer (+) - 22YO ATT Rh. Sup/Sup/Sub. 3.8K P/W. BTR 27,096. Makes it difficult to tell when he's a keeper too, but going on both where he bats, and his keeping record, (which is about the same as my Resp WK), I'd say he's more of a Bat than a WK. Perhaps low Sup Bat/Resp WK? Scores quick, Career S/R 102-ish, but doesn't go on to post big scores, 15:4.

    5. Flower. 18YO DEF RH. Sup/Sup/Sub. 1.1K P/W. BTR 21,421. BTR suggests that he's now much higher than start of season, perhaps mid Sup by now? Prob has good Conc, judging by BTR, and pretty consistent. Only scored 2 50s, but averages 54 for season.

    6. Oak. (B5) - 17YO Steady RH/RM. Sup/Sup/Sub. 1K P/W. BTR 22,457. Your guess is as good as mine with him, given that A, he's an all-rounder, and B, he's obviously been trained up since start of season. Stats would suggest he leans towards bowling. 81 runs at 27 with the bat, 9 WKTS at 15 with the ball - Though you can get after him a bit, Econ of 4.6. Looking at where he bats, Sup above him, Comp below, I'd hazard a guess he's about Resp, which might make him about Prof Bowl by now?

    POTATOHEADS BOWLING - (Sets of Five)
    B1 Jagielka - 22YO DEST RFM. Sup/Sup/Sub. 7K P/W. BTR 25,178. Solid middling Qual, unlikely to be too much higher than that by now. Obviously dangerous customer, 46 WKTS at just over 10 for the season.

    B2 Sidwell - 22YO ATT LF. Sup/Sup/Sub. 2K P/W. BTR 14,318. Think I can get after him. No more than low Strong. Opens bowling, and has taken 28 wickets at 18, but only one fivefer, and goes for over 4 Econ.

    B3 Sutton. 21YO Dest RHS. Sup/Sup/Sub. 3.5K P/W. BTR 27,588. Decent Sup spinner, but bit pricey at 3.9, and S/R not V.Good for Dest, at around 30, with best of 3/4 against a Bot. Don't think he'll cause *That* much trouble, but will be tough.

    B4 Skuse. 18YO Steady RF. Sup/Sup/Invig. 1.1K P/W. BTR 11828. Obviously trained hard, prob Sup by now. But not V.Impressive BTR for Sup bowler, suggesting lagging in secondaries. InVIG fittness might point to suspect Stam, struggling to recover from training. OK record, 21 at 23, Econ 4.3 - Reckon we can do a number on him.

    B5 Oak (As above)

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    Hall of Fame Member superkingdave's Avatar
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    Apr 2004
    could do with a friendly

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    State Vice-Captain Mahindinho's Avatar
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    Sep 2006
    Manchester, UK
    Sod. Now I've actually got to think...

    Their team

    Lovers won't be Wonderful - his BTR's significantly lower than my Reed, who's a Rem+/Rem bat with not much else.

    Sura might be being played too attacking, or might have an imbalance between primaries and secondaries - could even be Rem/Med, in which case he'd regularly do a Pietersen.

    Reckon Summer, Ricketts and Flower are standard middle-order players. I agree that Oak's probably a better bowler than a batsman, but he's not going to be great in either.

    Bowling-wise, spot on. Hopefully the pitch will negate Sutton the spinner, while Jagielka's definitely the danger man.

    Your bowling

    If you get the openers cheaply, you've got a chance. If they're still there after 10 overs, you're in big trouble.

    So, death or glory! I'd go in hard with Bewers, possibly played normal/attacking - I can't remember his natural tendency, though. If going sets-of-5, put him #1 so he gets a go again not too much later. Any other bowlers want to be played on the defensive side - you're aiming to contain, which should be possible on that pitch.

    Your batting

    I agree again - put a couple of batsmen in with decent conc (Cash and Noon?), to last out the first few overs, then Staveley and Greening, and with one or two who can stick around after.


    1. Sacrificial lamb played normal/def.
    2/3. Two from Cash/Noon/Patel/Bennett*
    4/5. Staveley/Greening**
    6. Two from Cash/Noon/Patel/Bennett***
    7-11. All played v.def in the hope that they stick around.

    * I'd look for a defensive one, then an attacking one. Pick the two (out of the four) that tend to score the most runs.
    ** The more defensive first.
    *** Again, one defensive then one attacking.

    I'm assuming that you've no decent batsmen other than those I've mentioned.

    Not quite as cunning as a fox with a degree in cunning from Oxford university, unfortunately.

    If it works, great, but you're going to get a kicking if it doesn't - if Lovers and Sura don't get knocked over, you're going to face a large total while, if Staveley and Greening get exposed early and taken out, you're going to get skittled.

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    U19 Vice-Captain
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    Jan 2006
    Wales, Nr Cardiff
    OK, I've gone Bowl first, B1 Through, PAN.

    1. Joe Noon, DEF (+)
    2. Steve Cash, V.DEF, (B4 V.Def)
    3. Neale Patel, DEF (*)
    4. Alton Staveley, ATT
    5. Doug Greening, ATT
    6. Jordan Bennett, NORM
    7. Anton Carey, V.DEF
    8. Gene Bewers, V.DEF, (B1, NORM)
    9. Brad Edworthy, V.DEF, (B2, V.DEF)
    10. Theo Bent, V.DEF, (B5, V.DEF)
    11. Shaun Bridges M, V.DEF, (B3, NORM)

    As you say, it's pretty much Cardiff or bust. Didn't know whether to bat or bowl first, but figured my best chance would come if Bewers and Bridges M could nip out Lovers and/or Sura, and the rest can restrict them to under 230. Then I might have a chance if the top three can see off the openers and make way sharpish for Staveley and Greening. More worried about the Def bats at the top of the order than at the end. The bats at the end tend to bat according to the situation regardless of orders, but at the start of the innings the whole plan could come off the rails if Noon and Cash do their job too well. I guess there's an even bigger risk of that with them both being all-rounders - They could hit the Stam wall and gum things up for ages. But there's nothing I can do about that, this is pretty much the only way I can see of pulling off an upset.

    Off home for toad in the Hole now, talk tomorrow and tar for all the help, Trev

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    International Vice-Captain Jungle Jumbo's Avatar
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    Nov 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by superkingdave
    could do with a friendly
    Challenged. I'll play my full side, if that helps with team selection.

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    International Vice-Captain Jungle Jumbo's Avatar
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    Nov 2005
    Am I right in thinking that you can change your team name at a set cost in the close season?

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    Hall of Fame Member Jamee999's Avatar
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    Oct 2003
    Leicestershire, UK
    Or something.

    RIP Fardin Qayyumi (AKA "cricket player"; "Bob"), 1/11/1990 - 15/4/2006

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    Cricketer Of The Year Kweek's Avatar
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    Apr 2004
    Haarlem, The Netherlands
    friendly anyone?
    P.S. We beat England at Lord's
    Member of the RTDAS.
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    Member of the CW Colts!

    Quote Originally Posted by Burgey View Post
    I think it's really disappointing of her - would only take a minute or two of her time....
    Quote Originally Posted by luffy View Post
    Wishful thinking on your behalf.

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    International Vice-Captain mikeW's Avatar
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    Nov 2004
    on the couch
    End of Over 1: 0-2, runrate=0.00
    Hook 1-1-0-2
    Purcell* 0 (0 balls)
    Powell 0 (2 balls)

    Last Wicket: Nevins c. Jantjes b. Hook 0 (FOW: 0/2)

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    Cricket Web: All-Time Legend NZTailender's Avatar
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    Nov 2002
    Auckland, New Zealand
    Dull start in my match. Expecting to lose by 150 runs...
    President of SKAS - Kat is King | Proud member of CVAAS - One of the best | LRPLTAS - Rosco rocks!
    Go Tigers!
    R.I.P. Fardin & Craig

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    Cricket Web: All-Time Legend Johnners's Avatar
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    Mar 2006
    That Glorious Moustache
    12.3 . Walton to Chillingworth 
      Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat; that ball was just an inch away from the outside of the bat.

    End of Over 13: 60-1, runrate=4.62
    Walton 2-0-10-0
    Chillingworth* 35 (37 balls)
    Faakir 17 (31 balls)

    Last Wicket: Saville c. Stroud b. Meyer 6 (FOW: 16/1)

    I'm really needing a wicket at this stage.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jono View Post
    Mitch Johnson is ****ing awesome for cricket.
    Quote Originally Posted by pasag View Post
    Ponting's ability to ton up in the first innings of a series should not be understated. So much pressure, so important. What a great!

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    RTDAS pasag's Avatar
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    Mar 2006
    Looking for milksteak
    Have a huge match today. Playing Fuller and things may get ugly.

    End of Over 23: 96-0, runrate=4.17
    Martyn 5-0-14-0
    Hetherington* 54 (76 balls)
    Elmes 38 (64 balls)

    Not doing badly.
    Rest In Peace Craigos

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    International Regular cricketboy29's Avatar
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    Apr 2003
    Max Rayne House, London
    Are you batting or bowling?

    (Feeling very slow today..)
    Member of CW RED

    Queensland-Season 7 OD Champions

    Currently Managing: NSW

    Rahul Dravid: A Real Legend.

    Quote Originally Posted by cricket player
    damn mods are more agressive then the teacher's in school that i have'
    Quote Originally Posted by AussieDominance
    *Sigh* what's the dev league got itself into.

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    Cricket Web: All-Time Legend Johnners's Avatar
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    Mar 2006
    That Glorious Moustache
    37.4 W Savage to Chillingworth 
      My word! Taylor has taken a magnificent diving catch, his arms appeared to stretch out of their sockets and extend an unfeasible distance to pluck that ball out of the air!
    Gerry "Go Go Gadget" Taylor

    End of Over 38: 179-5, runrate=4.71
    Savage 9-0-44-1
    Huckerby* 1 (2 balls)
    Murtagh 8 (14 balls)

    Last Wicket: Chillingworth c. Taylor b. Savage 102 (FOW: 178/5)

    I really need my bowlers to keep it tight from here on in. Thankfully i have 2 relatively new batsmen at the crease...

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    Hall of Fame Member FaaipDeOiad's Avatar
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    Oct 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by cricketboy29
    Are you batting or bowling?

    (Feeling very slow today..)
    He was batting. All out for 247 in the 49th over. Should be able to chase that against Gelman's horrible attack, but we'll see.
    It's cold on the outside they say
    But the cold leaves you clear while the heat leaves a haze

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