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    Well for my top of the table match i've decided on the following tactics:

    Quintin*(proficient/mediorce): attacking @ normal
    Nurse (respectable/woeful): destructive@attacking
    Clayton+(strong/mediorce): steady@defensive
    Ellis (strong/competent): defensive@defensive
    Ferrier (strong/feeble): destructive@normal
    Muralitharan (proficient/feeble): defensive@defensive | (proficient/feeble) def@attacking (3)
    Obeysekera (respectable/fee): defensive@defensive | (competent/fee) def@def (5)
    Allison (respectable/fee): steady@normal
    Dowdall (worthless bat) | (proficient/feeble) defensive@normal (1)
    Kinsella (abysmal bat) | (respectable/mediorce) cautious@normal (4)
    Jeithoon (abysmal bat) | (proficient/feeble) defensive@normal (2)

    I probably going to bat first and try an build a decent total. Hopefully Nurse and Quintin will get off to a decent start and then Clayton and Ellis can block out their gun spinner. If that fails then hopefully all my batsmen get some starts and build a decent total.

    When i comes to the bowling im hoping that Dowdall or Jeithoon can knock over a couple of their Top 4, after that they got no batsmen. But if they don't by keeping them at normall they don't go for too many runs. I decided to put Murali on attacking as he is my best bowler now, especially on a dusty pitch, so im going to back him to try and run through the middle/lower order if we get past their top order.

    What do you guys think?
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    Just bought this guy. Still wondering if he was worth the price I paid...

    Mansukh Ghandi (786681)
    RH Batsman, RFM Bowler, superb batting form, superb bowling form, sublime
    A destructive player with worthless leadership skills and abysmal experience.

    Plays For: Sad Decadent XI
    Nationality: India
    Age: 18 Years Old
    Battrick Rating: 10,217 (-68)
    Wages: £984 p/w
    Stamina: competent Wicket Keeping: worthless
    Batting: respectable Concentration: mediocre
    Bowling: respectable Consistency: feeble
    Fielding: feeble

    Got him for 950K.
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    Taking me 4-5 slow attempts to get into this thread every now and then, again I hope a mod locks it and starts a new one.

    Oh and yea that team looks fine and 950k is a lot of money for a double respectable but then with the market is it's hard to say whether it's over the odds.

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    Think enough people have said that a new thread would be a good idea and no-one has made a big fuss about it.

    Only worry now is Trev and what he'll do if he's still googling to get here but we'll deal with that when it comes.
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