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Thread: England disintegrating like in 2013-14 Ashes - Johnson

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spark View Post
    2015 was pretty bad too, mostly because of Cardiff. Really, really poor to lose that Test in the way we did. Trent Bridge and Edgbaston, okay, I can accept that even if we play better we probably still lose those games simply because England are so much more suited to those conditions, but Cardiff just smacked of a team that rocked up and expected England to just roll over again.
    My memory of 2015 in Cardiff was that it was probably the most lethargic Australia had ever looked in the field; they just looked old and slow in all aspects. The real seed of was sticking with largely the same side as 13/14 thinking it would happen all over again where there were signs even on the soft Windies tour that Watson & Haddin had done their dash.
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    I can't believe how genuinely badly we played in 2015. Sure Broad was peaking but no team should collapse as hard as we did. Truly atrocious batting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OverratedSanity View Post
    Lyon's actually been Australia's best bowler by a distance imo. Funny how all the talk before the series was about how the big demon fast bowlers Australia had would blow England away but really its been Lyon who's caused more problems than all of them.
    It's always that narrative no matter what because that's the narrative Australian cricket is based on. Chappell wants Malan who has played 3 test matches to be Root's adviser on this series becaues he is 'aggressive'.

    In 2013, Ryan Harris and Siddle bowled just as well and sustained pressure for long periods of time in order to break England. But it's all about how Johnson's bouncers gave them mental scars.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OverratedSanity View Post
    Morkel maybe. No way he's better than Philander as of now. I still don't think people appreciate how consistently great Philander has been for the best part of 6 years now.
    Philander is never going to be valued on CW. It's just one of those biases that enough people on CW have to make it a thing.

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