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Thread: ***Official*** 2nd Test at Adelaide

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    Reminder participating with in-jokes is absolutely disgusting and should be a permanently bannable offence.
    Quote Originally Posted by Flem274* View Post
    i like many come to cw to briefly escape the pain of mediocre and obscure existence by being mediocre and obscure on the internet.
    Quote Originally Posted by fruitycreeper View Post
    been speakin to this lass for a while finally got her round muy house. whakcd on netflix and told her to pick a film. big mistake cos she picked ****in footlose. 2 hours of torture and she dint even blow me. shambles. safe to say we arent talkin no more

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    Would you like them here or there?
    I don't get that.

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    Rejecting 'analysis by checklist' and 'skill absolutism' since Dec '09
    'Stats' is not a synonym for 'Career Test Averages'

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    People go into politics to change the world. That's a bad idea. The only good reason to go into politics is to sweep government away so that the world can change itself.
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    If you want to get caught up in definitional problems, then don't have laws at all. About anything.
    Quote Originally Posted by Babar Hayat
    Chinese guy comes in

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