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No comment on Clarke having a go at the pitches? Reads like an Onion article in parts...

Clarke claims English groundsmen unhappy taking orders | Cricket | ESPN Cricinfo

It's not as if Trent Bridge became a raging seamer overnight, as I said a while back the last Aussie to ton up there was Boon in '93. The seaming decks in this series were playing pretty much entirely in character, that is, slow with some sideways movement. They weren't spitting monsters destroying Test cricket. These are literally the sorts of pitches Lehmann challenged England to provide.

Fact is, both sides were basically unable to cope with the other side having a good day 1. ****, even having a good couple of hours was enough for some in the oppo to drop their bundle, as England showed when they turned day 1 at Cardiff into their day when it was looking pretty one-sided for a while there. Both sides are full of blokes who can crash it when their tail is up but can't find a way to minimise the damage caused by the opposition having a good session.
That's really disappointing Clarke decided to go out like that. His old team-mates were doing a good enough job deflecting from his career.

Apparently a pitch is only flat when Australia scores runs on it. And atmospheric conditions are absolutely controlled by groundsmen.