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Thread: Furious with decision

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    Furious with decision

    Was it just me who was furious at the person who decided to send in a night watchman when we were 208 runs ahead with 6 wickets remaining. A completely pointless decision. I was wanting Broad to come out because I felt that being 208 ahead the game was in the bag and after Broad's heroics with the ball he deserved to come in a bit early to try and make a big score. However if Stokes had come out I would not have been too bothered but to bring a night watchman out instead of broad is a pathetic and a ludicrous decision. Really hope Broad is allowed out to bat earlier than 10.

    All in all it was a glorious day of cricket however who feels cook needs a good slapping after that embarrassment of a decision. Being negative 208 runs ahead instead of rewarding the man who has won you the game. I'm all for a consistent batting order however I feel from time to time the game situation allows you to change it so if woods is the first man out Cook has no excuses he needs to put broad on.

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    Looks like I missed 4 days of a test...
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