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Thread: Fall in Sky Ashes viewing figures

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    Well add one to the viewing figures as I have the next three days off work and will be Wimbledon was on I think this may have had an affect...hopefully more people will watch the second test
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    Quote Originally Posted by Uppercut View Post
    I agree, but it falls victim to politics. Ageing population creates a fiscal shortfall and sports are much easier to cut than pensions, healthcare or... Anything, really. That's not going to change and it falls to the ECB to do what they can.
    Which is counter productive because encouraging sport brings the country an enormous return on investment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cabinet96 View Post
    3rd test only clashes with the Community Shield tbf. League stuff doesn't start till the 8th.

    Edit: But yeah, later Wimbledon and earlier football season this summer = not good for Ashes.
    Next two Tests = the 2nd and 3rd. I'd accounted for the nobody cares shield already.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Furball View Post
    Yeah in my 'fix English cricket' thing I only got half finished my plan for T20 was to do 4 packages of fixtures, at least one of which would have to be on FTA.

    I like the idea of Sky picking the games they want as they pay the most money and then maybe the BBC could have a game every week or two? I don't think one t20 game a a week on bbc would do anything whatsoever to sky numbers, nobody is going to cancel their sky contract just because one game a week has ended up on free telly.

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    Well my T20 idea was 8 franchises, play each other twice, 2 games a week for 7 weeks. 2 games on a Tuesday night, 2 games on a Wednesday night for 1 round of fixtures, then the weekend round would have one game on a Friday night, one on Saturday afternoon, one game on Saturday night and one on Sunday afternoon.

    All games would be broadcast on TV; and sold in 4 packages. The fixtures would rotate thus: Round 1 Games A & B would be Tuesday night, C& D on the Wednesday. Round 2 Game D would be Friday night, A would be Saturday afternoon, B would be Saturday night and C the Sunday game etc. The broadcasters would then bid for the rights to broadcast Game A, Game B etc, with the proviso that at least one of the packages must be sold to a company that broadcasts FTA. I'd also commit the FTA broadcaster to providing a weekly MOTD style round up show to be broadcast on Sunday evenings.

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