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Thread: Player Ratings thread

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    England combined total for their win was 72, one point higher than Australia's combined total for their win.

    Cook 139 runs @ 34 has 14 points compared to Warner 190 runs @ 47 and 10 points.

    Stokes has 14 points from 181 runs @ 45 and 1 wicket @ 171 compared to Johnson 11 points from 109 runs @ 35 and 8 wickets @ 32

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    Warner - 6/10 let England off the hook in the first innings, and his second innings slogging was never going to have any real influence on the outcome. Still, starting to look a bit more fluent towards the end of his innings, which is a bad sign for England going forward.
    Rogers - 10/10 - Flawless, merciless display. Really hope he's fine for the 3rd test.
    Smith - 10/10 - see above, England had no answer.
    Clarke - 5/10 - perfectly serviceable captaincy, even if the hard work had been done for him by his batsmen and bowlers by the end of day 2. Batting still looks very rough.
    Voges - 5/10 - not much to say.
    Marsh - 7/10 - looked classy with the bat and produced some handy GA antics with the ball, definite step up from Watson.
    Neville - 7/10 - Good enough with the gloves, and better than that with the bat. Again, a definite improvement from the old SQ.
    Johnson - 9/10 - looked a little short of magic on day 3, but otherwise a stunning return to form.
    Starc - 6/10 - in the first innings he faced his old problems with working with the older ball.
    Hazlewood - 8/10 - a terrific performance in conditions where his bowling was always going to be vital to the Aussies.
    Lyon - 7/10 - provided the holding role pretty well and even picked up a couple of handy wickets

    Lyth - 1/10 Rubbish
    Cook - 8/10 strong effort, though got out at a crucial time. It feels churlish to say it but England needed more from him.
    Ballance - 0/10 This can't go on.
    Bell - 1/10 - If England can't find a way to get more out of him (and the top 4 more generally) then they are going to lose this 4-1
    Root - 4/10 - Is it too early to start murmuring about how he should've been out for a duck at Cardiff? Yes. But that first innings dismissal brought back a lot of 13/14 memories. Having said that, he's the best bet for number 3 going forward.
    Stokes - 7/10 - Embarassing run out aside, Stokes has probably looked the best England batsman on show so far in this series.
    Buttler - 5/10 - anonymous behind the stumps and with the bat.
    Moeen - 3/10 - tough conditions for him, but really didn't stand up when he was needed.
    Broad - 8/10 - Brilliant bowling in the first innings, weaker showing in the second though that's understandable. Also starting to get a bit of mojo back with the bat.
    Wood - 4/10 - Still bowled with reasonable pace, but generally looked unlikely.
    Anderson 2/10 - Without much swing around Anderson just generally looked a trundler.
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    Be interesting to see someone's cumulative ratings based on the 2 completed tests to date.

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    Warner: 5.5 - Back into form via downhill ski and played a pretty woeful shot in the first innings. Good fielding though.
    Rogers: 10 - Never seen him look so at ease in Tests.
    Smith: 11 - Jesus was actually Australian, eat it KP and Swann.
    Clarke: 5 - Captaincy was fine, batting like trash still, hopefully the second innings has given him a bit of confidence.
    Voges: 3 - Doing his best impression of George Bailey this series.
    Marsh: 7.5 - My love for Watson is like a flame that never dies, but he has clearly been usurped by the superior Marsh brother. Just made things happen.
    Nevill: 7.5 - Good style of batting for Test cricket despite not fitting in with the cliche of modern keepers. Keeping was generally pretty tidy, might be a bit cruel to put Baddin back in at his expense.
    Johnson: 9 - I thought it was a flat pitch, then I realized England were just ****. Beautiful display.
    Starc: 5 - Still bowling like a man who hates consistency.
    Hazlewood: 8 - Leading wicket-taker of the series is deserving of his work. Bowled extremely well, who needs Harris anyway?
    Lyon: 7 - Again being the jack of one trade but not mastering it. Also flying under the radar without being exceptional and making good contributions thus far with his bowling.

    Cook: 6 - Woeful captaincy, good knock in the first dig, **** shot in the second.
    Lyth: 0 - Dropped one, two terrible innings. Now he's about to be dropped
    Ballance: 0 - Absolute spud
    Bell: 0 - Total Bellend
    Root: 3 - Got almost too easily roughed up in the first dig and played his dismissal in the second like a man who had only just discovered cricket. Smith > Root.
    Stokes: 4.5 - Good counter-attacking knock ruined by inferior bowling and the worst run-out since Bailey in India.
    Buttler: 0 - Did nothing.
    Ali: 0 - Useless.
    Broad: 7 - Top scorer in second dig, outstanding bowling in first innings. Is there anything this man can't do apart from bat like someone who isn't about to soil himself?
    Wood: 0 - Useless.
    Anderson: 0 - Useless.

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    Not as talented as Shoaib Malik

    Warner - 5.5/10 - still scratchy, absolutely idiotic in the first innings but in the second dig was a bit better (though the situation was tailor made for him)
    Rogers - 10/10 - Hope he's okay for the next test. Great match for him, sublime first innings knock.
    Smith - 10/10 - TPC
    Clarke - 5/10 - Good captaincy, looks in worrying form with the bat tho
    Voges - 4/10 - needs a good knock soon
    Marsh - 7/10 - Can't make much of batting but very good with the ball for a 4rd bowler. Very tight lines and gave us crucial breakthroughs without leaking runs.
    Neville - 7/10 - Tidy keeping, and a sprightly knock on debut. Fine match for him and looks a good prospect.
    Johnson - 9/10 - he's back baby
    Starc - 6/10 - still inconsistent but probably better than Cardiff where he was all over the place on day 1 at least. Bowled well in patches
    Hazlewood - 8/10 - the fact that I consider this a wayward performance by his standards shows how much of an asset he is to Australia
    Lyon - 7.5/10 - decent match for him

    Lyth - 0.5/10 Godawful in the first dig, second dig got a good ball although he probably could have left that too. Opening struggles continue for England
    Cook - 8/10 very good first innings knock, threw away his wicket in the second
    Ballance - 0/10 Still can't fathom how he's not bagged a duck in all of his innings
    Bell - 1/10 - makes me sad because he was so gun in 2013 but this is just hilariously pathetic from him
    Root - 4.5/10 - bad game for him. Still probably England's best bet with the bat
    Stokes - 7/10 - Lulzy run-out but that first innings knock was good, fair job with the ball
    Buttler - 4/10 - meh. Keeping was o-kay
    Moeen - 3.5/10 - meh.
    Broad - 8/10 - He's bowled well this series, batting is not as atrocious as it has been recently
    Wood - 4/10 - Carrying an injury? Looked ineffective
    Anderson 1.5/10 - poor
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    Warner 6 - threw away a dominant position with a dumb shot, though did survive the new ball and that probably helped Rogers and Smith take control. Better second innings but in a very favourable position.
    Rogers 9.5 - lets hope he's OK. Was dominant this Test.
    Smith 10 - what can't he do?
    Clarke 4 - alarmingly out of nick with the bat, though scored runs in the second dig. I think he's got his captaincy mojo back after a poorer Test in this regard at Cardiff, though his bowling being excellent helped.
    Voges 3 - concerning. Yes he was on a hiding to nothing but he seems to have been worked out. Needs runs in the next Test to avoid being dropped for Marsh.
    Marsh 7 - on a bit of a hiding to nothing with the bat. With the ball played his role perfectly, knocked off Cook and Stokes when they were looking dominant and didn't get smashed. RIP Watson?
    Nevill 7 - one catch that he should've gone for but it didn't matter. Other than that he did what you wanted from a keeper.
    Johnson 8.5 - it's safe to say he's back. This was Johnson of 2013/14. Only real criticism is that he seemed to struggle a bit on the 3rd day, although he was hardly alone in this regard.
    Starc 6 - still seems a weakness when the bowl stops swinging. Wasn't all over the place though in fairness.
    Hazlewood 7.5 - was on fire in the afternoon of the 2nd day. Struggled a little with the old ball and there was the feeling he could've been better, but that shows how good he is.
    Lyon 7 - did his job, performed well without standing out.

    Lyth 1 - isn't Test standard.
    Cook 7.5 - excellent first innings, would be furious with his second innings dismissal but in the end it wouldn't have mattered. Captaincy fell into bad habits again IMO, though it wasn't exactly easy circumstances.
    Ballance 2 - looked all at sea. How on earth he got past 10 both innings is beyond me.
    Bell 1 - when will England realise that he's out of nick and wasn't all that good in the first place? Hideous performance, this can't go on.
    Root 3.5 - err took wickets, but even they were late in the innings with the batsmen looking to hit out. Poor with the bat, though was proably entitled to a less than stellar Test after his recent efforts.
    Stokes 7 - excellent knock first up, but his second innings run-out is something even a schoolkid would be ashamed of. Not much with the ball.
    Buttler 4 - wait he was playing? Hardly noticed him with the gloves (probably a good thing) and did nothing with the bat.
    Ali 5 - it could have been worse. Wasn't utterly smashed with the ball despite the large totals but his wickets did have a degree of jam. Why didn't Australia bowl that kind of line they did in the 2nd innings to him at Cardiff or in the 1st innings.
    Broad 8 - actually bothered attacking the stumps and got rewards for it. Not terrible with the bat though it still looks like he's ****ting himself (probably forgiveable given how aggressive Johnson was bowling).
    Wood 4 - not much to write home about. Wasn't terrible but bowled with the wrong line and length IMO.
    Anderson 1 - not the right circumstances for him. Looked like a total trundler at times, he is proof that the whole "low and slow" philosophy with regards to pitches isn't necessarily working in England's favour.
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    Warner 6.5 - Was a shocking shot to get out in the first innings and it could have been a pretty big deal, though it didn't matter at all in the end. Good second innings batting.
    Rogers - 9 - In great touch
    Smith - 9.5 - As good as I can remember anyone batting over a 12 month period, 6 hundreds in 8 tests now. Did give a chance in the first though which could have changed the game a lot had it been taken. Also didn't field particularly well.
    Clarke - 4 - Batting poorly, has been for a while, good captaincy
    Voges - 4 - Looked better than Clarke with the bat but needs some runs
    Marsh - 7 - Batting didn't matter much given the situations in which he came out, but his bowling was much better than I expected it to be, particularly in his brief second innings spells. Bounce makes him look dangerous.
    Nevill - 7 - Batted well, kept okay.
    Johnson - 9.5 - As good as he's bowled since the South Africa tour. Magnificent.
    Starc - 5 - Got Lyth out in both innings but otherwise looked pretty average.
    Hazlewood - 7.5 - A few wayward periods but mostly bowled well, ball of the series so far to dismiss Bell in the first innings.
    Lyon - 7 - Didn't need to do that much, did it well enough.

    Lyth - 0 - Didn't do a useful thing all test. Got himself out in the first innings, second innings was a good ball, fielded poorly.
    Cook - 7.5 - First innings batting was good.
    Ballance - 2 - Managed to hang in there in both innings at least and not throw his wicket away, but he looks really poor, especially when you consider that these were pretty good batting conditions.
    Bell - 2 - Basically the same as Ballance.
    Root - 3 - Second innings batting was okay I guess, Johnson looked all over him in the first innings so that's a concern.
    Stokes - 8 - Huge talent, batted very well in the first innings when I think a lot of other batsmen would have gone with a survival first mindset. His bowling would look a lot better if Bell had caught Smith for 50.
    Buttler - 3.5 - Second innings dismissal was terrible, kept fine.
    Ali - 3 - Really don't think he's bowled well so far this series at all, even if he has picked up a few wickets. A concern going forward. Got out to an obvious short ball plan in the second innings so that might be an issue too, depending on the pitches.
    Broad - 7.5 - Bowling very well, shining light for Engalnd.
    Wood - 3 - Looked flat, and I think his spell to the Australian openers first change on day 1 set the tone, was just awful. Improved from there though.
    Anderson - 2 - Pretty poor for the most part. The running on the pitch thing seemed to throw off his rhythm.
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    Ballance, Bell, Lyth, Anderson, Wood - 0
    Buttler, Root, Ali - 3
    Stokes - 4
    Cook - 7
    Broad - 8

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    Think Wood struggling in back to back Tests is officially a thing now. Expect him to go OK in Edgbaston.

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    Not as talented as Shoaib Malik
    Warner 6
    Rogers - 6
    Smith - 1
    Clarke - ****
    Voges - 1
    Marsh - 1
    Nevill - 5
    Johnson - 6.5
    Starc - 4
    Hazlewood - 1
    Lyon - 6

    Cook 5 -
    Lyth 1
    Bell 8
    Root 8
    Bairstow - can't rate, got a ripsnorter in the first dig
    Stokes 4.5
    Buttler 6
    Ali 7
    Broad 8
    Finn 9.5
    Anderson 9 - injured in the second innings, but bowled very well in the first
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    So dire doing ratings before the match is complete.

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    Not sure how Buttler gets a 7.5 and Broad only gets a 7.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Viscount Tom View Post
    Not sure how Buttler gets a 7.5 and Broad only gets a 7.
    yeah true I'm gonna post England later.

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    Aus -
    Rogers 7 - Consistent again, but Broad around the wicket suggests an area to target
    Warner 8 - First dig got a good one, 2nd innings was brilliant but a bad dismissal.
    Smith 3 - Still unsure outside off when ball moves and 2nd innings a horror dismissal
    Clarke 0 - No exaggeration. Batted worse than Lyon, dropped a catch, bad bowling changes. His worst game ever, surely?
    Voges 2 - Shambles technically, again looks out of his depth.
    Marsh 3 - Looks massively out of his depth with the bat, but a decent spell with the ball on first day. Lot of talent and should be persisted with but I don't think is ready for test cricket yet.
    Nevill 6.5 - First innings can happen early, kept poorly though. 2nd innings was terrific though, tenacious and good in defence. Looks a good player long term.
    Johnson 7 - Batted ok, bowled some great spells. When there is no control at the other end though he is seriously less effective.
    Starc 5 - Bowled poorly mixed in with the occasionally unplayable nut. Batted well though.
    Hazlewood 2 - Very poor. Loads of four balls, again occasionally unplayable one but no pressure built up.
    Lyon 5 - 2nd innings he was slapped about, and bowled very well first dig but was lucky with the Cook wicket. Thought his performance has been over-hyped a bit.

    Eng -
    Cook 5 - Batted beautifully first dig then got super unlucky + jaffa 2nd dig. Captained well.
    Lyth 1 - Great catch but nothing else of note. I'd give him one more chance at TB
    Bell 8 - Counter attacked and put pressure back on Aussies, some glorious shots
    Root 8 - Same as Bell
    Bairstow 2 - Not much of a chance but got a brute from MJ. Big 2 matches for him coming up.
    Stokes 5 - Same as Bairstow but thought he bowled well on whole.
    Buttler 3 - Took a screaming catch but I am becoming worried about his batting. Very obvious technical flaw.
    Ali 7 - Struggled early with bat but also took game away from Aussies. His bowling needs work though, but he bowled a decent control spell in 2nd innings.
    Broad 8 - Bowled well throughout apart from this morning. Batted nicely as well. Game to game most consistent England player.
    Finn 9 - Explosive, wicket taking and ripped heart out of Aussies twice. MOTM
    Anderson 9 - Superb 1st dig, and tight + threatening again in the 2nd. Injury a huge loss, could determine series.
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    I'm more worried about Buttler's mindset atm than his technique. I genuinely don't know what he's trying to achieve at the crease whilst batting the way he is.
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