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Thread: ***Official*** Fourth ODI at the WACA - The Saga Continues

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    can confirm dermo leaves before play even ends, so he probably has an issue with over rates and late finishes.
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    had to get home for my tea detox ftr
    Quote Originally Posted by benchmark00 View Post
    Dean Jones was my favourite player.

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    Yay, I suppose....
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    Quote Originally Posted by John73 View Post
    come again? that makes sense how?
    Welcome to the forum mate.

    Over rates are viewed by many on here (me among them for the most part excepting really cynical slowing down of the game) as a non-event.

    I think, without wanting to speak for everyone else, that generally we would rather see 85-90 overs in a test match day with 300-350 runs scored and/or multiple wickets taken than have sides roll through 95-100 overs a day with a score line of 2 or 3 for 190 to 220.

    Sure, I don't think anyone wants to go back to the days pre-mandatory rates when you'd get 70-75 overs a day on occasions, but generally a number people here seem to think we are getting plenty of entertainment given the way test cricket is played these days.

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    Is anyone else getting a bit pissed about the constant reference to Australia missing 4 key players for this game?? It has been mentioned in this thread (but not overly so tbf) but just catching up on some reports this morning and it is talked about in all of them...........but no counter acknowledgement that England themselves are without 3 of the first names they'd list on any ODI team sheet and that's not including Finn who has been our best ODI bowler for the past 18 months.

    At the end of the day this is just a bit of a facepalm saving consolation win.........can't ****s even let us have that without having to add this dubious "yeah but........"


    Do Australia go back top if NZ beat India today?
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    When your country needed you
    Century on debut ,
    What a find.....

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    i'm watching the highlights now, blimey Faulkner goes close to a no-ball everytime doesn't he, Jos though

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burgey View Post
    Had lunch today with a young English girl who's just arrived in Australia and is looking for work. She was telling me she knows Joe Root from Uni. Doesn't really follow cricket though, so didn't know how they were doing. Apparently Joe said he'd like to catch up with her when she gets out here (and tbf to Joe, having met her I don't blame him - she's gorgeous). I mentioned he may well be able to get her into some decent clubs, being with a visiting sporting team and all, to which she replied "True, but he's just too much of a try hard'.

    England's terrible tour continues.
    95% sure he didn't go to varsity, tbh.
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    probably hangs at the uni bar with panesar
    Quote Originally Posted by sledger View Post
    I just love all kinds of balls.

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    Stokes cops a 15% fine for calling Faulkner a ****

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    So I was thinking...

    Nothing against Xavier Doherty (in shorter forms), but would it be potentially worthwhile to have Maxwell doing what he does, get Clarke to fill the bowling overs that Maxwell otherwise would and then bring in another batsman? Maxwell doesn't seem THAT much worse than Doherty with the ball, and the (on average) 20 runs and a wicket difference could be made up for by putting another batsman in the top 6 and Maxwell at 8 or a floating slogger. Would be cool to see something like

    SMiffy (or Christian/M-Marsh if another bowling option is needed)

    I'm not really sold on Finch yet :/
    Quote Originally Posted by schearzie View Post
    Alan J is one of if not the biggest problem in Australia.

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