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Thread: England is nothing short of rubbish

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    Quote Originally Posted by ganeshran View Post
    It's all about the first two tests. Once you get beaten badly in them, it is very hard to make a comeback. Going through all whitewashes in the last two years, the teams managed to compete in the first two matches even though they still got beaten.

    But for the remainder of the series, it was just going through the motions with the players' confidence shot
    Validates BCCI's preference of playing two test series IMO.
    Quote Originally Posted by KungFu_Kallis View Post
    Peter Siddle top scores in both innings....... Matthew Wade gets out twice in one ball
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    Is this CricketWeb's greatest poster in the short history of the forum?
    Interesting to note that no team has ever been whitewashed after winning one of the first two matches.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jono View Post
    Kohli. Do something in test cricket for once please.


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    I agree with most of what Pickup said tbh. The calls for mass changes and the involvement of completely unproven, more-than-raw youngsters like Mills are reactionary. Luckily we have a while to carefully consider where to go from here but I'm certain that throwing in fresh blood for the sake of it is not the way to go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Halsey View Post
    I seem to be in a minority of one in this belief but I don't think Tremlett was terrible in the game he played.
    I agree, his pace was down but he kept it tighter than some bowlers who played later on.

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    Icon8 Worst England performance while ive been on this earth

    Quote Originally Posted by jonbrooks View Post
    This has to be the most spineless performance I've seen from a team in a long time. I know NZ has had its fair share of one sided losses but most of the time this has been due to us not having the players to compete at the top level. What is England's excuse?

    The commitment levels are just not there. I am not an England fan but it pains me to see a team play like this. They're not putting in any effort. It's disgusting.
    Im 46 and have never seen such a rubbish feel sorry for themselves performance since I started playing cricket at 10 years old.
    The body language has been awful and this has been allowed by cook the captain. He hasn't got a strong enough personality to run a side that needs motivating.
    The new players coming in to replace some of the disgraced players are simply not up to the task. Bowlers going for 6 an over in a test match clearly shows that.
    Many heads have to go including a spell required back in county cricket for cook to get some batting form back. Batsman are clearly scored of johnson which is not acceptable (it just hurts when you get hit - bare up and take the pain and get a bowling m/c to bowl 100mph bouners at you for practice).

    So to summarise - no effort, lack of care, poor batting technique, rubbish line and length bowling, poor fielding, poor leadership and crap management. No excuses - heads have to roll.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neil Pickup View Post
    They didn't stop trying - why would they stop trying? - they were just battered, bruised, beaten and broken. They don't become bad players overnight, though, and they deserve the chance to build again.
    they did stop trying old mate, swinging the bat and being bowled out in 32 overs is the very definition of not trying. utterly embarassing for the lot of them. flower let them do it, cook let them do it, they didn't even care enough to think about what it said about them as men - let alone sportsmen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sledger View Post
    I just love all kinds of balls.

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    I don't see how nothing can change. I agree that the personnel in the team has to stay similar, but then there's a need for a new messenger. They'd stopped listening and caring.
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    Quote Originally Posted by uvelocity View Post
    they did stop trying old mate, swinging the bat and being bowled out in 32 overs is the very definition of not trying. utterly embarassing for the lot of them. flower let them do it, cook let them do it, they didn't even care enough to think about what it said about them as men - let alone sportsmen.
    yeah i agree. It's obv impossible to really know what's going on in their heads, but it did look awfully like they simply stopped giving a **** towards the end. I mean you can say they were 'broken' or whatever, but what's that really mean? To me, being broken is what happened to someone like Trott - being in a genuine state of malfunction, to the point of simply not being able to carry on, despite all attempts at doing so. I don't think Cook and co were subject to those kinds of problems, I think they could have fought harder, and had the ability to do so, but they simply chose not to because it was the easy way out.
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    After England lost a few wickets after tea on day 3 of Sydney they stopped trying. You cannot argue otherwise. They scored 76 runs in the last 10 overs and lost 6 wickets. They stopped trying to win. They stopped trying to draw. They waved the white flag and had a swing.
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    England need to bring in a new coach and create a new environment because quite plainly this one is too intense. The Australians seem very happy with Lehmann and he appears to be a link to the old school. What is the point of carrying on with the exact same coaches and the exact same formula?
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    A lot of the blame has to fall on Cook (and probably Flower) imo. Its not something he can probably change, but Cook doesn't strike me as an inspiring leader. Its hard to imagine him rousing the troops or giving people a kick up the arse. Strauss was much more suited to the role.

    It didn't help Cook that two of his seniors Trott and Prior fell to pieces and left him to cope by himself. But Cook is not a captain for my money. Great batsman, but not a captain.
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    Weren't England No. 2 in 2005?Either way, that's hilarious
    Quote Originally Posted by weldone View Post
    Wow baby, that gave me an orgasmic pleasure!
    Quote Originally Posted by ajaagarkarajaaja View Post
    All Prasie to Ajit Bhalchandra Agarkar, the pride of Mumbai, the terminator at Adelaide.
    Quote Originally Posted by VoL View Post
    I've joined this forum, just so that i can agree with OverratedSanity...

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    Yeah, my sides are splitting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Senile Sentry View Post
    Hey perhaps you can help, what's the Australian word for 'Geek?'.
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