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Thread: Jimmy Anderson: Imminent revival or terminal decline?

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    Anderson has or should have another highly productive couple of years in Test cricket. I predict a bumper summer for him in England. He needs a rest at least.

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    I'm a fan and hope he's something left in the tank but wouldn't bet the farm on it. It's not gun speeds (which are pretty much the same as ever), it's the fact that he's generally been looking so innocuous - even with the new ball - during this dry spell. In fact his decline began the very next match after the conventional wisdom poll parrots on here seized upon something Boycott said early in the home Ashes series to support their non-evidence-based 'gut' opinion that Jimmy is as good as, or better than Steyn. I pointed out that not only the stats but even watching them in operation should be enough to convince all but the most diehard nuthugger of the Burnley swing merchant that Jimmy and Steyn weren't even in the same ballpark. But, for want of a convincing rebuttal, the usual suspects on this site retorted with their customary boo hiss straw man ad hominem rejoinders. The cricketing gods don't take kindly to such disrespect: from that time on Jimmy's been bowling like a halfhearted Sreesanth impersonator, while Steyn and Philander have continued to bowl like, well, Steyn and Philander.
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    "In 2009 he lost his old, faded India cap, when it was stolen from a ground. He was very, very upset about it. It was dear to him and he was extremely proud to wear it."

    Vijeeta Dravid on her husband Rahul, March 2012

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