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Thread: Can England win at the WACA 2013/14?

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    both you you stay the **** away.
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    the guy's trash bro
    Quote Originally Posted by benchmark00 View Post
    Hard to get LBW's at the WACA, but it's rare to see edges falling short of the slips, especialy when the Fremantle Doctor is in.

    I once saw Jeff Thomson bowl a ball that bounced over the sight screen behind Rod Marsh. The batsman looked around and all the colour immediately ran from his face.

    I turned to Dennis and said 'Dennis, settle down'.
    (stupid laugh from young commentator here)

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    Quote Originally Posted by rodzzz View Post
    Actually I think it is Broken Hill in place of the WACA:

    Attachment 20789

    Should be a great game!
    The English team have clearly been in the ear of the Broken Hill CG curator, that looks like one of their doctored numbers.
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