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Thread: Australia's era of decline

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    the guy's trash bro

    Australia's era of decline

    Jarrod Kimber: Australia's era of decline | Cricinfo Magazine | ESPN Cricinfo

    I feel like this a good article, but an article that is flawed because it doesn't touch on the role the CA board played in it's decline and also the role South Australian cricket played in it, by being ****.

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    Aye, 'tis true. SA are rubbish and so was that rambling dog**** article.

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    well he did get to a valid point at the end. sacking sutherland may make backyards bigger too.
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    I miss Backlash, articles like this won't do
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    But Ponting, there's great fame of him

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    Jarrod Kimber has leapfrogged Haigh to be my favourite cricket writer. A Hemingway in the making.
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