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Thread: Bresnan out for season with stress fracture of lower back

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    Bresnan out for season with stress fracture of lower back

    Just heard it announced on Sky commentary. Wow, I am gutted for him. Bad loss for England, good lower order bat and solid bowler. Who comes in? Onions would be my choice but he is out with a broken hand. Tremlett and Jimmy stays then.
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    I don't know, but its dark!!!!!
    Onions would not be my choice anyway (really don't get why he's so highly considered on here - maybe because they haven't seen him bowl that much)

    Could be Tremlett or Finn.

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    Sucks, Bres played well in the last Test. Tremlett should get his chance though!
    Quote Originally Posted by Cricinfo
    Styris to Pietersen, SIX, wow, what a shot, that is awesome..its a repeat of his six off Muralitharan at Edgbaston, as he switches his grip and reverse-hits Styris over deep cover for a memorable maximum.
    Quote Originally Posted by Cricinfo
    Styris to Pietersen, SIX, that's the most extraordinary shot, he switches his grip to that of a left-hander and launches Stryis high over long-off for a might six. That is one of the more incredible shots you'll see

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    His jaffa to Warner was arguably the big turning point of yer crims' chase.

    Hardlines for the boy, was definitely starting to resemble the bowler he briefly threatened to be on the 10/11 tour.

    Tremmers in without any doubt in my mind. Home ground, next cab off the rank, etc
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