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Thread: Australia's test side for the Ashes in Australia

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    International Vice-Captain Tangles's Avatar
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    Jan 2012
    I'm all about us wining over Mitch failing. Im just massively concerned that MJs normal output isn't good enough to help us do that. Plus his being wayward makes it harder for Harris and Siddle. Not hitting the seam and messing up shine is a contributing factor also. He doesn't fit what we need so let's hope we survive his inclusion.

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    International Captain Ruckus's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maximas View Post
    Has retired from Australian FC cricket, which is where the selectors pick their players from
    oh why did he retire from aus FC? I thought he was killing in in county cricket

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    International Captain Maximas's Avatar
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    Jul 2012
    Yeah, bowling beautifully, but I believe he lives there permanently now, which is why he stopped playing here, and CA has said in the past that unless you play in the SS you ca't be picked for tests - at least that was their attitude when Warne suddenly stuck his hand up again
    Quote Originally Posted by Dawood Ahmad View Post

    Hamish, no body knows even name of him
    But Ponting, there's great fame of him

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    International Captain adub's Avatar
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    a parallel universe where Andrew Hilditch was a good chairman of selectors
    True enough. If we do lose it's far more likely because we lose 7/28 in a session than one bowler having an off day - it's been the way we've rolled for so long now. It's just that there is so little upside benefit to Johnson's selection. The **** takes 4/125 for the match (which is about his average) and we've gained what exactly? We either drop him as soon as Patto/Bird/Starc/Cumins are fit or we look to replace him two years time when he's retiring anyway. Forkers takes 4/125 for the match (which would be a below average return for him) and a young guy who could be an important part of our set up for a decade gets a bit more experience. His selection makes no sense if he's there to pick up a couple of wickets @ 30 each innings supporting Harris and Siddle. His selection only makes sense if he's there to win games as a main strike weapon. Maybe he will do that for us, but my money's on the shorter odds bet.

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    seamy road
    it has to be said ad00bie has really accelerated here after reaching his golden summer landmark
    Quote Originally Posted by sledger View Post
    I just love all kinds of balls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adub View Post
    Same, I'd be delighted to be wrong and for MJ to win us a series. I hate losing to Poms far far more than I hate the myth of Mitch. But if fate has a loss or even a draw in store for us I hope Johnson burns in a screaming ****ing heap so embarrassing that Spofforth has more chance of a recall. Johnson performing creditably and us losing anyway would be the worst of all possible results. He has to play a big part in wins or **** the hell off.
    If he plays, you can be sure he'll play a huge part in victory.

    80% likely England's
    Simplicity - Complexity - Simplicity

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    Cricket Spectator Waxhead's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tangles View Post
    So MJ probably gets 2 tests then unless he, and probably the team, crash hard 1st up. I want us to win but doing so will book MJs ticket till Perth. Plus the odds of him getting dropped for his "best" venue is slim. I'm going to bet a win at the Gabba and MJ figures of 0/250 don't get him benched because they buy into the scary MJ bull****.
    I'd rather have the Queen Mum bowling for Aust than M Johnson.
    He's a sad joke imo.
    Such is the demise of Australian Cricket the past 10 years he wouldn't even have made a Sheffield Shield team here 10 yrs ago.
    There's a few Aussie Test bstsman I'd say that about too
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