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Thread: 42nd Thread - 2013 Ashes Drinking Game

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    42nd Thread - 2013 Ashes Drinking Game

    2013 Ashes Drinking Game

    Take one drink when…
    • A boundary is scored
    • Someone appeals
    • A wide or no-ball is bowled
    • Jonathan Trott marks his guard
    • Jimmy Anderson gets someone to play and miss
    • James Pattinson looks angry
    • Someone talks about Graeme Swann taking wickets in his first over
    • Nasser Hussain is bitter about an umpiring decision
    • Ashton Agar’s 98 is mentioned

    Take two drinks when…

    • Peter Siddle is described as having a “big heart”, “runs in all day”, or variants thereof.
    • Stuart Broad pleads for a review
    • The David Warner vs. Joe Root incident is mentioned
    • Steve Smith is described as an all-rounder
    • David Gower says something pretentious
    • Kevin Pietersen hits a six
    • A substitute fielder is involved in a dismissal (bonus shot if Gary Pratt)

    Take three drinks when…

    • A wicket falls (double if it’s Ian Bell or Rad Haddin to a terrible shot)
    • A catch is dropped
    • Someone suggests England is ball tampering
    • Ed Cowan faces his 100th ball

    Finish your drink when…
    • Phil Hughes edges to the slips cordon
    • Shane Watson reviews an LBW decision and is wrong
    • Graeme Swann takes a wicket in his first over
    • Someone scores a century (bonus shot if Michael Clarke or Alastair Cook)
    • Steven Finn kicks the stumps over
    • The England team does the sprinkler
    • It rains

    All drink amounts are doubled whilst Ed Cowan’s strike rate is above 50.
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    1 - too complicated
    2 - drink
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    Quote Originally Posted by sledger View Post
    I just love all kinds of balls.

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    Skull a Moree Handbag every time a commentator says "You don't see many late cuts these days" as the 11th late cut of the day runs down to third man.

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    And whenever they say "third man has gone out of the game".
    RIP Philip Hughes - 1988-2014

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    Not really needed on CW
    - Finish your drinks during the drinks break

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    Come on, mods need to promote responsible drinking.

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    Then join CW Cricket today. It's what all the cool kids desire.

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    One shot of sambuca for every replay of the Broad edge today

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    - Every time GEM miss the first ball of the session.

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    Kylez is here, gun

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    Every time social says something stupid

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    With these suggestions you may as well just be on a drip.

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    He is a drip.
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    Lord's special:

    Drink every time you hear the word "slope."
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    Sky commentary special -

    One swig:

    -Someone mentions that James Taylor "Didn't do anything wrong" before he was dropped
    -Bumble says "Wallop", "Full pint" or "Start the car"
    -Someone proposes a second spinner for Old Trafford
    -Holding gets arsey about a UDRS decision that is obviously correct
    -Botham mentions rugby, rugby league or AFL
    -Nasser mentions "the west wing" of Gower's mansion or makes reference to his butler
    -Warne starts any sentence with "Why wouldn't you...?"

    Two swigs:

    -Bumble mentions The Fall or The Inspiral Carpets
    -Atherton says that Warne didn't bowl a proper flipper after his shoulder surgery
    -Botham refers to his old bowling partner as "RGD Willis"
    -Warne mentions any old Victorian player using his full given name: "Mervyn Gregory Hughes", "William Morris Lawry", etc
    -Any reference to Nasser's parsimony

    Down drink:

    -Camera pans to an ex Aussie great in the crowd and someone says "Now he could bat/bowl/catch"
    -Bumble mentions getting hit in the cobblers by Thommo
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    Take a drink when an Aussie tons up. I will sober for a long time.

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