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View Poll Results: If Australia win the first Test will they win the series?

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Thread: If Australia win the first Test...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maximas View Post
    No no, at your request Aussie fans decided to boycott the next 10 test matches and so we no longer suffer from their defeats. It was much more satisfying to see the board fail than the players...
    Anyone who goes or watches a match this summer is aiding Cricket Australia and therefore is helping the further decline of Cricket in Australia. Cricket Australia are mediocre in everyway. Why would you reward a mediocre business by giving them your money?

    This governing body has let every aspect of Australian Cricket decay. Then they screw the team over with the scheduling for years to come. How on earth has someone like Sutherland held his position of CEO FOR 12 YEARS!? They're laughing at us while they line their own pockets. They couldn't give a **** about the Australia Cricket team, it's fans or Cricket in general.

    Do yourself a favour and go look up what Cricket Australia has planned for the national team in between this Ashes money grab event. They clearly give a **** don't they.

    This governing body has proven that it is not fit to run this sport anymore. Cricket is only heading one direction in Australia as things stand and that's down. But I guess we should just stand around, hand over our money and do nothing while the game of Cricket dies a slow and painful death in Australia from the bottom up. That's much better. Meh I'm not sure why I even bother anymore. I'm clearly fighting a losing cause.

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    Alright, seriously, if you're going to literally post the same thing every single time regardless of the actual topic at hand then this is going to become a problem. You don't like CA, we get it. You don't need to post about it in every thread.
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    I shouldn't really bait him should I, but I want the final word, test cricket will die before CA does, that is the reality, and that is why I'm prepared to throw my money at them. As for the thread topic itself, I'm starting to think that Adders has a point about England getting better throughout the series, particularly due to the fact that conditions will suit Swann more and more as it goes on. But cricket is a confidence game, so I don't think conditions will decide the series, both teams an equal shot at the series if Australia wins the first test.
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