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Thread: Ashes Predictions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Themer View Post
    2-2 England retain Ashes.
    Top runscorer - Clarke, Trott
    Top wicket taker - Hilfenhaus. Broad.
    Dumpings - Marcus North, Cook
    Debutant/Returning players - Tremlett to get a gig due to injury at some stage
    Surprise Packet - Tremlett to run through the Australian line up first innings back.

    Can't wait tbh.
    Not too bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Themer View Post
    Not too bad.
    Great call on Trem.

    Yet another to show no faith in Cook, mind.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Themer View Post
    Not too bad.
    Not too bad? That's miles off - your pick for top wicket takers are averaging 1 wicket per match!
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    Quote Originally Posted by marc71178 View Post
    Not too bad? That's miles off - your pick for top wicket takers are averaging 1 wicket per match!
    Trott and Tremlett calls were particularly gun though, and he's still in the frame with the scoreline he picked. Got North's dumping too but that was basically inevitable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by marc71178 View Post
    Not too bad? That's miles off - your pick for top wicket takers are averaging 1 wicket per match!
    Hence why I didn't say spot on!

    Bowling predictions were chuffing awful.

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    2-2 - still on
    Top runscorer - Shane Watson, Bell for the Poms - Watto is 2nd, Bell is 5th (though still averaging 50+) Neither are really in it.
    Top wicket taker- Johnson , Swann - Johnson is second and in it while Swann is 4th and still in it albeit a long shot
    Dumpings - Haurie, Tremlett? - Yes and oh my no. WAG
    Returning/Debutant - Hughes - yes
    Surprise packet - North YOU ****ING HEARD ME - I'm sure he did something surprising, lasting a Test more than he should have?
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    420 BLAZE IT

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    2-1 Australia wrongggg
    Top runscorer - Michael Hussey could be
    Top wicket taker - Doug Bollinger wrongggggg
    Dumpings - Nathan Hauritz (y)
    Debutant/Returning players - Steve Smith (y)
    Surprise Packet - Brad Haddin, Ryan Harris, Steve Smith, Prince EWS Smith and EWS failing me
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    Quote Originally Posted by Burgey View Post
    3-1 Australia (England win a dead rubber)
    Top runscorer - Clarke and Swann
    Top wicket taker - Dougeh!!! and Broad
    Dumpings - Cook, Trott, Pietersen, Bell, Finn, Anderson (Swann retains his place for his batting).
    Returning Players - Gatting, Paul Jarvis, Mark Ealham
    Working beautifully.

    Not confident on England winning the dead rubber though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jono View Post
    3-0 Australia
    Top runscorer - Simon Katich (although what's going on with his thumb?)
    Top wicket taker - Mitchell Johnson
    Dumpings - Alaistair Cook, Finn
    Debutant/Returning players - Peter Siddle (if Bollinger doesn't get up or reinjures himself), Tremlett, Morgan
    Was right about Finn being dropped, and Tremlett and Siddle playing.

    So very very wrong about the rest. Especially Cook being dropped.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blaze 18 View Post
    Australia to win the Ashes 2-1
    Top runscorer - Jonathan Trott
    Top wicket taker - Graeme Swann
    Got the first one wrong; second and third will likely be wrong as well, although Graeme Swann might eclipse James Anderson on what is likely to be a spin-friendly pitch at Sydney.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marcuss View Post
    Top runscorer - Andrew Strauss (Katich)
    Top wicket taker - Really not sure for England, will say Anderson. Bollinger for Aus, will only play 3 Tests though.
    Dumpings - Siddle, Doherty, Finn
    Debutant/Returning players - O'Keefe, someone in the 17 will be "injured" O'Keefe to replace them in the squad and then Doherty in the team. Smith will get a run. Obviously Bollinger to get a go. Tremlett will get a game for us.
    Surprise Packet - Prior will gun it. Hussey to be your third best batsman.
    Still in for series result.

    Picked the wrong left handed opener to back it would seem. Still think Katich would've come good had he not got injured, wouldn't be close to Hussey though.

    Jimmeh Bollinger to take 14 this Test in an England 6 wicket win.

    Siddle was on the verge of being dropped for a while, Lolherty. Pleased with the Finn call. NFI why I left off North.

    Smith, Bolly and Tremmers all right.

    Prior's not had many chances and has been pretty disappointing when he has batted. Last innings was a sign of what he can do and he's been pretty awesome behind the sticks. Hussey call wasn't all bad either, people calling for him to be dropped and I picked him to come good, even if he did surpass expectations. Has been one of your only 3 batsmen to step up though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GingerFurball View Post
    Scoreline: 2-1 England
    Top Runscorers: Kevin Pietersen, Michael Clarke
    Top Wicket Takers: Mitchell Johnson, James Anderson
    Dumpings: Marcuss North, Nathan Hauritz, Steven Finn
    Debutant/Returning Players: Usman Khawaja, Steven Smith. Tremlett will come in for Finn after the 2nd Test
    Suprise Package: Ian Bell will ton up twice in the series.
    Scoreline - spot on just now.
    Runscorers - Pietersen, while wrong, isn't a shocking call. Clarke on the other hand, is.
    Wicket takers - Johnson in 2nd place for the Aussies, Anderson was so obvious if England were to do well, can't believe how many people tipped Swann or Broad.
    Dumpings - all correct
    Debutant/returning players - Khawaja has been in 2 squads so may yet be correct. Smith is a yes. Got Tremlett coming in after Adelaide correct, even if the circumstances were different to what I predicted
    Suprise Package - Bell may yet ton up twice at Sydney, might have already tonned up at Brisbane and Adelaide had circumstances been slightly different. Hasn't been a dire call.

    Quote Originally Posted by Howe_zat View Post
    Come on Lancashire!
    Quote Originally Posted by Jono View Post
    Let it be known for the record that the font in the top of the picture noted that Kohli was wearing Jimmy Choo shoes and Happy Socks

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    Eternal Optimist / Cricket Web Staff Member GIMH's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by GeraintIsMyHero View Post
    3-1 to the good guys, that's England
    Top runscorer - Kevin Pietersen. Watson for the filthy horrible crims.
    Top wicket taker - Stuart Broad. Bollinger for the filthy horrible crims.
    Dumpings - Many Aussies to dump their passports in a state of embarassment
    Debutant/Returning players - Allan Border from the desperate convicts
    Surprise Packet - wdfu_ben91 returns to congratulate England
    Scoreline looks spot on. KP and Twatto reasonable but off.

    Wicket takers miles off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jono View Post
    Was right about Finn being dropped
    Not willing to give you that, sorry. Being rested isn't the same thing .

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    Global Moderator Teja.'s Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Teja. View Post
    Scoreline: 3-1 Australia
    Top Runscorers: Micheal Clarke for Australia and Jonathon Trott for England
    Top Wicket Takers: Mitchell Johnson for Australia and Swann for England
    Debutant/Returning Players: Usman Khawaja

    Swann, despite being the highest wicket taker for England, will average over 33.

    Trott and Johnson being second best and Swann averaging 35 are the only ones half-right.
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