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Thread: 2nd test - biggest contributor

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    Quote Originally Posted by andyc View Post
    ... Yes it does.

    If a ball swings late into the batsman's pads, Hawkeye doesn't swing it sometimes at all or otherwise sufficiently in it's projection. That's it's flaw.

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    Australia actually got lucky with a few dismissals that were called no-balls, the majority from Freddie's behalf. Yes this was inevitable but its a chance for Australia none-the-less.
    I'm an australian and am obviously disapointed about the result, and it surely is easier to blame the umpires. But could it have been a different story if Australia had taken that final wicket in Cardiif, where teh umpires had liitle effect? We'll never know

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gamblor View Post
    You've started a really poor thread, your contributions to it have been factually inaccurate, and your whole outlook is frankly a little bit embarrassing.

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    No need for this thread, just goint ot be a flame war.

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