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Thread: 2009 Ashes Tour Dates Announced

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard View Post
    True, that - forgot about the Twenty20 W Cup. Wonder why that was. First time I'll ever be taking more notice of domestic cricket than international for those couple of weeks.
    My excuse for the last T20 WC was that I was in Poland and Slovakia at the time. Asking the locals about cricket would get a look like I was asking for a striptease (although if it was a females then... ).

    I had no idea that the T20WC was on next year, and yet I don't exactly hate the format.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Boobidy View Post
    Bradman never had to face quicks like Sharma and Irfan Pathan. He wouldn't of lasted a ball against those 2, not to mention a spinner like Sehwag.

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    Moreover, it's just tremendous to see the return of the protracted Ashes tour. Sadly, it's not as long as the tours in the late 80's and early 90's, when the chaps used to arrive pre-Anzac day and wing home in late August. I have to say, as a boy, it was one of my fantasies to get on that big Ashes tour bus and just passenger my way around England playing cricket. The Ashes tour bus is so kitted out. It has everything. In fact, they used to borrow the Man U bus for the early part of the tour (as it coincided with the EPL off-season).

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    Quote Originally Posted by four_or_six View Post
    Picking the biggest would be nice too, so more people can see the games. My impression was that Cardiff wasn't going to be that big a capacity.
    They can fit 16,000 into it, apparently. About the same as Trent Bridge, but less than Riverside, Old Trafford or the Rose Bowl.
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    Referncing my previous comment about us playing noone, I imagine we will still play ODIs against Zimbabwe

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    Quote Originally Posted by howardj View Post
    In fact, they used to borrow the Man U bus for the early part of the tour (as it coincided with the EPL off-season).
    Man Utd, PLEASE.
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