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Thread: Prediction Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by FaaipDeOiad
    Score: 3-1 (Australia)
    Top Runscorer: Strauss
    Top Wicket Taker: Warne
    Most catches (wk excluded): Hayden
    Biggest surprise: Watson
    Biggest disappointment: Hoggard
    Man of the series: Warne
    Wrong on all counts. Warne was probably third or fourth in line for MoTS after Ponting, Clark and maybe Hussey, but nothign else was all that close.

    Hakon with the best tips pretty easily.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Baconator View Post
    Score: 2-1 Aus
    Top Runscorer: Langer
    Top Wicket Taker: McGrath
    Most catches (wk excluded): Hussey
    Biggest surprise: Johnson
    Biggest disappointment: Flintoff
    Man of the series: McGrath
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    Pretty crap predictions really, none of the cricketing ones right, and I fell asleep twice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeraintIsMyHero View Post
    Hi. I know there's various threads asking for predictions, but well I thought it would be an idea if we got everybody's predictions in one go. It was done in the official thread last year, and we can all have a good chuckle at those who get it horribly wrong ie probably this blinded optimist right here. The rose tinted glasses are firmly attached to my head and will be as long as those Ashes are ours.

    Score: 2-2 TBF this was more a prediction for what I think England's score will be after 1 over in the Twenty20
    Top Runscorer: Strauss Dire, but I wasn't alone. Strauss has mixed some silly shots with some bad luck, but I expect him to come back strongly.
    Top Wicket Taker: Warne No, but not an unreasonable prediction I guess.
    Most catches (wk excluded): Bell Think he made a couple, but again, incorrect
    Biggest surprise: Mahmood (changed to Anderson) Dire on both counts, though Jimmy A looked half-decent this time round
    Biggest disappointment: McGrath Correct, in that I'm disappointed he got his prediction right .
    Man of the series: Flintoff Humbug.
    Amount of Guinness to be drank upon completion of the series by GIMH: unquantified Will have to buy some cans tonight and drown the ol' sorrows
    0%. Pathetic!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeraintIsMyHero View Post
    0%. Pathetic!
    We can always give you an A for optimism
    Quote Originally Posted by Jono View Post
    Mitch Johnson is ****ing awesome for cricket.
    Quote Originally Posted by pasag View Post
    Ponting's ability to ton up in the first innings of a series should not be understated. So much pressure, so important. What a great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clapo View Post
    We can always give you an A for optimism
    Well I'd expect an A* tbh

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    Score: 2-1 Australia Well, that was always gonna be optimistic
    Top Runscorer: Pietersen Not far off
    Top Wicket Taker: McGrath Wasn't counting on Clark's awesomeness
    Most catches (wk excluded): Hayden Have no idea if this was right or not
    Biggest surprise: Bell That was a decent one, only Clark was a bigger surprise really
    Biggest disappointment: Hussey Erm....
    Man of the series: Pietersen Could have been if we weren't so utterly dire in general

    Not that bad an effort really, TBH. Just the one shocker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt79
    Close enough now to make a sensible prediction:
    Top Runscorer: Ponting - YEP
    Most Catches (wk excluded): Hayden THINK THIS IS RIGHT, TIED WITH COLLINGWOOD
    Biggest Surprise: Pasener not playing a test while the series is "live" FLETCHER CAVED IN ONE MATCH TOO SOON FOR THIS TO BE RIGHT - WORST PERSON
    Biggest Disappointment: Above YEP
    Man of the Series: Ponting. YEP

    England to win in either Melbourne or Sydney, but nowhere else. God knows, it don't rain down here much anymore, so I'm predicting no draws.
    Not bad. Thought England would do the crappy salvage some pride thing, but the retirements and the awesome focus of this Aussie team meant that wasn't to be...
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    Quote Originally Posted by superkingdave View Post
    Score: 5-0 to Aus
    Top Runscorer: Ponting
    Top Wicket Taker: Warne
    Most catches (wk excluded): Hayden
    Biggest surprise: Watson
    Biggest disappointment: Peitersen
    Man of the series: Ponting
    Hmmm, not bad but Way off with the Watson/KP combo

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    Quote Originally Posted by BoyBrumby View Post
    Score: 3-1 Oz
    Top Runscorer: Ponting
    Top Wicket Taker: Fred
    Most catches (wk excluded): Hayden
    Biggest surprise: Bell
    Biggest disappointment: Hussey
    Man of the series: Ponting
    Lets see:

    Score: nah.
    Top Runscorer: yup. Not an especially long punt tho, tbf.
    Top Wicket Taker: nah. Ankle & captaincy ****ed his chances.
    Most Catches (wk excluded): yup, partly. Shared the honours with Colly.
    Biggest surprise: Nah, has to be Clark. Bell went ok tho.
    Biggest disappointment: Nah, miles off. Harmison's 10 @ 61 carry the day for mine.
    Man of the series: yup. Always a fair bet, but his captaincy has suprised me.

    3/7. Must try harder.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PhoenixFire View Post
    Score: 2-1 ENG
    Top Runscorer: Ponting
    Top Wicket Taker: Warne
    Most catches (wk excluded): Hayden
    Biggest surprise: Hoggard
    Biggest disappointment: Flintoff
    Man of the series: Warne
    Score: 2-1 ENG, so wrong it's not even funny
    Top Runscorer: Ponting, Spot on
    Top Wicket Taker: Warne, Pretty close, but not the leader
    Most catches (wk excluded): Hayden, Don't really care TBH
    Biggest surprise: Hoggard, Wasn't the biggest surprise, but pretty close, did really well
    Biggest disappointment: Flintoff, Right, for me anyway.
    Man of the series: Warne, Wrong
    Quote Originally Posted by Top_Cat View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slow Love™ View Post
    Not bad at all.
    *takes bow*

    I'll pick 4-0 to England in 2009, then.

    Matt and Dav were on form, too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by age_master View Post
    Score: 5-0 Australia
    Top Runscorer: Ponting
    Top Wicket Taker: Warne
    Most catches (wk excluded): Warne
    Biggest surprise: Martyn back to his best
    Biggest disappointment: Pietersen
    Man of the series: Warne

    Well i got the first 2 right, Warne failed me big time though. Marto was probably the biggest surprise, but not for scoring runs. Thankfully Pietersen didn't dissapoint too much otherwise the series would have been even mroe 1 sided.
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