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Thread: Any Brisbane Ashes Tickets To Swap??

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    Any Brisbane Ashes Tickets To Swap??

    Hello all,

    I know its a long shot but its gotta be worth a go... anyone got a surplus of tickets for the Brisbane ashes test for days 2 or 4. I have managed to end up with 3 extra tickets than I need for both days 1 and 3, so if a swap could be arranged it seems like a good deal all round.


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    Mate, I don't have extra tickets, but if you don't end up getting a swap I know someone very interested in buying tickets.
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    God im dumb! Lets try that message again...

    I requires tickets for days 2 and 4 of the PERTH test, and have a surplus of 3 tickets for days 1 and 3 of the Perth test, and also some for the Brisbane test that i am no longer able to attend. Sorry for the confusion guys


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