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Thread: Strauss wants to be captain

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    Strauss wants to be captain

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    Well of course he bloody does. Two thirds of the England side probably want to be captain, wouldn't you?

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    I think he should be. At least he thinks his way out of trouble instead of doing the quintessentially English Charge-of-the-Light-Brigade approach and bowling himself for a day and a half on the trot.
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    He isnt really that experienced though is he??

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    Quote Originally Posted by luffy
    He isnt really that experienced though is he??
    More captaincy experience than anyone else in the side, and probably a better temperament than most to go with it. The captaincy also seems to have turned him into a monster of a batsman, too.

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    Aye, he outscored every other Englishman against Pakistan.

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