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  2. CricketWeb's Team Of The 2007 World Cup
  3. World Cup 2007 forum to be archived 20th May
  4. Cup song ends on a final sour note
  5. Gilchrist a cheater?
  6. Closing Ceremony cost $750,000 - Barbadian tax payers foot the bill
  7. Being Magnanimous in Defeat
  8. Pak team for WC2011 Final
  9. 2011?? Your team
  10. Cricket365 - Team of Tournament
  11. Jayawardene - a class act
  12. Ironic ICC Comedy - Board Falls on Speed
  13. I am happy my team didn't reach the finals.
  14. Any other NZ fans still ****ed off?
  15. Hypothetical - If There Was Rain...
  16. What Are You Doing For The WC Final?
  17. Bucknor to umpire fifth WC final
  18. Australia - are they simply too good?
  19. So the tournament's too long, eh???
  20. 2011 World Cup 40 days and 2007 wc records the most revenue of tickets...
  21. If Australia wins the World Cup....
  22. The World Cup Final - Who Will Win?
  23. Australia vs. South Africa - who will you be rooting for?
  24. Murali is a cheat
  25. Please tell me Koertzen can't be involved in ruining the final too
  26. Atapattu has not played a single match in this WC
  27. Sri Lanka vs. New Zealand - who will you be rooting for?
  28. SL vs NZ - Preview of Match - Video Clips
  29. Did youse know that the cricket world cup was this MASSIVE!!
  30. South Africa are they still wearing the chocker tag?
  31. Is cricket in Asian Countries taken too seriously?
  32. Finals predictions
  33. Smith injured
  34. We’ll give one hundred and ten per cent - Sanath Jayasuriya article
  35. speed hits back at critics...
  36. Catch of the World Cup
  37. Should other teams harden the heck up?
  38. BBC's flops of the tournament 11...do you agree?
  39. World XI vs Australia.
  40. Should Australia be Excluded from the World Cup?
  41. Australia's performance in the World Cup
  42. Even Bermuda game was more important than Aus game - Sangakkara
  43. Is it just me that can't wait for the World Cup to end?
  44. Innings of the week 10th - 17th April
  45. FLEMING's last 4 inngs against SRL
  46. Neutral fans, who do u support?
  47. Watson wins fitness battle
  48. Six of the Best Games - Aus vs SL Rivalry
  49. England: Who should get sacked?
  50. Will Andrew Strauss ever be a success in ODIs?
  51. ENGLAND FANS: do you still think Vaughan can hack it in ODIs?
  52. England fans - who do you want to win?
  53. "I won't quit" says Vaughan
  54. Selectors should pick Atapattu Over Tharanga
  55. Birrell ready for emotional exit
  56. Aus Media Panel Attack Ponting & Team Behaviour
  57. Technically speaking Bangladesh and West Indies can still qualify
  58. Mcgrath "on the spot" over his behaviour
  59. "Sri Lanka is a dangerous side, can go all the way" - Border
  60. Bad feeling England just might get lucky again.
  61. Man of the Series
  62. Ireland getting smashed by Aussies
  63. Malinga injury scare
  64. Allrounders in World Cup 2007
  65. NZ can win Cup - Fleming
  66. Gibbs struggling for WIndies clash
  67. Final.
  68. Semi Finals
  69. I love Bangladesh!!
  70. Bradshaw refusing to give up hope
  71. Masters of the middle overs
  72. Ankle injury ends Baisya's WC
  73. Biggest WC selection follies
  74. Broad Replaces Lewis
  75. Hopes named as cover for Watson
  76. sri lankas bowling attack the best?
  77. indians and pakistani players lazy
  78. WTF was with changing the ball in the last over
  79. Chappell resigns as India coach
  80. Tendulkar speaks out
  81. Plunkett - "Freddie Flintoff is the best bowler I have ever seen"
  82. Aussie- Should they go in with a 4th quickie or Hodge?
  83. Who will get through to the Semis?
  84. Black Caps accused of racism
  85. no night games
  86. Ian Chappell predicts an Anzac Battle
  87. Glen "Pigeon" McGrath - Appreciation Thread.
  88. Bowler of the World Cup 2007
  89. Batsman of the World Cup 2007
  90. Can Hayden Break Tendulkars Record?
  91. This whole rain thing is really becoming tedious now
  92. World Cup: Best XI
  93. how would a full strength Zimbabwe side go in world cup?
  94. does the super 8 go to long
  95. The most balanced bowling attack at the WC.
  96. Wake up India!
  97. All this talk about NZ's best chance
  98. Underwhelming
  99. Pakistan and India should have been allowed through to the super 8's anyway
  100. Who will meet the Aussies in the Final ?
  101. Bangladesh didn't know how much was the target until 7th over
  102. World Cup Group Stage Review
  103. Which one of the minnow teams will make it to the semis
  104. ICC targets YouTube World Cup clips
  105. Reserve Days
  106. Vincent - Out of the WC 2007 bcoz of Wrist Injury
  107. Providence Stadium - Still Not Ready
  108. Bangladesh vs Bermuda
  109. Chris Martin replaces Tuffey
  110. Bermuda wins!!!
  111. Top Captain Of The Super 8
  112. Wide Brimmed Hats
  113. Cricket World Cup- Live
  114. Catch Of The Tournament
  115. Who do you think is favourites now to win World Cup
  116. Looser 8
  117. Engalnd v Kenya
  118. Post Mortem: India
  119. Donald: Call off world cup
  120. India's chances...
  121. Bob Woolmer awarded Sitara-e-Imtiaz
  122. Post Unique WorldCup Pictures here
  123. Sarfraz claims Woolmer "murdered"
  124. Shaun Tait- Could he be the man for Australia in this WC?
  125. 1/2 way done with group B who will advance to the Super8's?
  126. How does the Super 8 work?
  127. when do you think a so called minnow team will win a world Cup
  128. why did Canada giveup the chase against England?
  129. i suspect bermuda vs india match was fixed
  130. Indian in the US watching the WC - ESPN Article
  131. Crowds
  132. free live podcast?
  133. Most Boring World Cup Ever?
  134. LOOK OUT WORLD: Bangladesh is the future(COUNT THE YEAR 2007 IN TOO) World Champion
  135. Format ideas for future World Cups.
  136. For all the indian fans: We're not going out that easily!!!!!
  137. Breaking news-Inzamam retires from ODI's-GEO
  138. How will the Pakistan team react?
  139. Woolmer found unconcious in hotel room
  140. Should Zimbabwe be in the world cup?
  141. Ireland v Pakistan - biggest WC shock ever?
  142. India actually lost to an almost U-19 team
  143. Mashrafe Mortaza
  144. ICC gets a slap in the face from weaker teams
  145. Man Of The Match.
  146. What went wrong - Kiran More
  147. i feel sorry for Inzi
  148. March17th
  149. A World Cup "Plate" competition
  150. This World Cup
  151. Minnows - Do we need them, do they improve with us?
  152. Biggest Minnow Bashers at the World Cup
  153. England vs New Zealand
  154. Gilchrist says NZ is the team to beat
  155. 6 sixes for Gibbs.
  156. Sri Lanka vs Bermuda
  157. A great day for the Irish!
  158. Most Colourful cricketer at World Cup 2007
  159. Bangladesh Feeling The Heat Ahead Of India Clash
  160. Super Eight
  161. Latest Betting Odds in your country
  162. Is Pakistan Still Fighting With The Ghosts of Shoaib and Asif?
  163. Cricket on TV - Channel 9 Aust
  164. Bangladesh Believes India Has A Weaker Bowling Attack
  165. Ireland's chances
  166. Inpirational Poems for the World cup
  167. The Caribbean is the greatest place on earth
  168. worldcup on mobile
  169. which non top 8 ranked team will most likely qualfy for super 8?
  170. Pakistan Vs West Indies
  171. Interesting cricket news
  172. Watch the World Cup For Self-esteem
  173. World Cup Trophy Damaged In India
  174. Reason: Why Sami Was Selected!
  175. minnows xi
  176. World Cup Dream Team
  177. Gavaskar criticises Aussie Behaviour
  178. Pakistan and South Africa in hotel fire scare
  179. Your attention please: thread openers/threads regarding world cup
  180. I am going through hell' - Shoaib
  181. Looking for the website that i can watch the highlight of the world cup matches
  182. Which team has the worst bowling attack among the top8?
  183. Which team will win the World cup
  184. Minnows and batting
  185. the best wicket keeper in w cup
  186. The most luckiest player at the wc
  187. WC Tools!!
  188. How good are the World Cup pitches?
  189. most unluckiest player to miss out on world cup
  190. Gillespie gone?
  191. Gillespie - Possible Injury?
  192. Which Keeper will Record the most Dismissals?
  193. Phew....!! Aussie have a close shave.
  194. World Cup TV guide for Australia
  195. Warmups
  196. Total of 500+ possible - Chappel and Manjreakar
  197. The Best Skipper
  198. Warne dismisses South AFrica's chances
  199. ICC name World Cup Umpires
  200. Predict World Cup Finalists
  201. Which one of the big 8's will be the first to get knocked out
  202. Captains !!!!!!!!!!!
  203. Opening Ceremony
  204. World Cup Top Run Scorer Odds
  205. Fantasy World Cup 2007-lets vote
  206. Evolution of One-Day cricket
  207. On paper strength doesnt matter
  208. Which team has had the worst road to the World Cup
  209. Best bowling option for Pakistan in WC
  210. Shoaib Asif Officially Ruled Out
  211. How teams performed in the last WC
  212. Oram prepared to give up finger
  213. SA,SL,PAK,NZ Are the 4 big threats in the WC for us- Mike Hussey
  214. What is the driving force of a World Champion team?
  215. What can Inspire Pakistan now?
  216. Abdul Razzaq out of world cup
  217. Commentators for the World Cup?
  218. Headlines You Want To See During The WC
  219. Which was the Worst World Cup ever?
  220. Breaking News !!! Akhtar out of WC due to unclear dope result
  221. Cricket Web's Day by Day Preview of all 16 Nations
  222. An Unbelivable WC match from way back when ?
  223. Kumble to retire from ODIS after the World Cup
  224. who will be the player of the tournament
  225. West Indies pitch and conditions
  226. Project World Cup 2007
  227. Gilchrist available for World Cup, Good news at last!!!
  228. Possible similarities between this and last world cup!!
  229. SKY New Zealand -not showing non NZ Preliminary games
  230. Who is Mr World Cup?
  231. Women's world cup venue.
  232. Performance analysis of teams since the last WC in ODI's
  233. Roebuck picks New Zealand ....
  234. Can an Asian team win the '007 WC ??
  235. Lee out of the world cup, its confirmed now!!!
  236. Who's flying to Caribbean?
  237. Best Opening Patnership For Pakistan In The World Cup?
  238. Holding slams minnows
  239. Stars of the WC
  240. World Cup Videos
  241. World Cup logos
  242. AKhtar should be used intelligently if he is available
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  246. Are warm Up games Official ODI's
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  248. Match times
  249. South African World XI
  250. Before The World Cup