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Thread: Twenty20 Is Boring Society Thread

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    Twenty20 Is Boring Society Thread

    A thread for us hardcore members of the T20IBS to discuss how much we hate this wretched tournament.

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    Wait until the IPL starts, then I get really bored....

    Unfortunately for me I`ve got no choice, as I have no other cricket to watch. Maybe I should go watch my friends play action cricket
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    Makes me want to dig up my thread from about a decade or so, not many fans in those days...
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    Richard, why can't good bowlers keep batsmen to 4-5 runs per over?
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    Anyone want to join the Society?

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    I've reinvigorated my hatred for this format since Wednesday night.

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    Yep, ****ed tournament, ****ed format. Hate it.......everything about it is ****ed.
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