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Thread: Australia Squad Discussion

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    Heard from a few different sources, from different state squads, that Doug is bowling gas and they all hate facing him.

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    Bollinger is good for rolling his arm over for a few, but can he bat? All-rounder Cameron will replace all-rounder Watson when it revealed that Watson can't roll his arm over for a few. So who else in the team is not an all-rounder?

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    I expect noted Test leg spinner Cameron White to dominate this tournament on the spin friendly wickets of Bangladesh.
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    i know you're kidding, but if they gave it some more thought Smitler was a far more logic choice --
    - great batsman on slower wickets.
    - outstanding BBL 13/14 performance with the bat.
    - his t20 bowling figures are damn impressive.
    - brilliant fielder.

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    Yeah for sure, but I actually think one of the best things our selectors have done in a while is limit TPC's appearances in LO international stuff and keep him focused on test cricket.

    He's obviously worked so hard on his game to great effect, and no doubt he will end up a LO mainstay for years unless he loses the plot completely or gets injured, but it's a good thing he's concentrating on test cricket IMO.

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