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Thread: Predictions ?

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    Predictions ?

    ok you know the drill people:

    Tournament Winners: Brazil
    Runner Up : Argentina
    Golden Boot Winner: Messi
    Big Flop: Portugal
    Surprise Packet: France (will make the quarters perhaps even the semis).
    Will Australia even score one goal : NO
    How will England do: Second round exit.
    Zinedine Zidane is the greatest footballer ever !

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    Tournament Winners: Australia
    Runner Up : Spain
    Golden Boot Winner: Tim Cahill
    Big Flop: Debate and fights in Australian pubs between the "Soccer" and "Football" fans.
    Surprise Packet: Portugal winning without Ronaldo following nightclub incident with ambiguously gendered persons.
    Will Australia even score one goal : 18 goals - 15 for Cahill
    How will England do: They'll pump themselves up before going out with 0 goals, 1 draw, 2 heavy losse and a plane full of excuses. oh and songs about 66, cuz you know they invented the game and are the greatests.

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    Very hard to disagree with ripper's comments here. Can't see anything but an Australian win.
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    Tournament Winners: Germany
    Runner Up : Portugal
    Golden Boot Winner: Not interesting
    Big Flop: Spain
    Surprise Packet: Brazil
    Will Australia even score one goal : Yes
    How will England do: Irrelevant

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