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Thread: Should Prandelli pick Totti or Del Piero ?

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    Zinedine Zidane is the greatest footballer ever !

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    The article is from August last year, tbf.

    They're both about 80 too, aren't they? I know the Italians have a reverence for the veteran (both Zoff and Maladini were playing for the national side into their fifth decades), but don't see this as a serious proposition.
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    ADP would be a great pick to travel with the squad in some sort of legend/mentor role but there must be something seriously wrong with Italians goal scorers if he'd currently be good enough to make their squad.

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    Totti's still got it tbf
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    Yeah, Totti's phenomenal.

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    Yes imo. This summer it will ten years since he spat at Christian Poulsen. The time is ripe for redemption.

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    Totti is still amazing but I don't think he's a good fit for the way Italy play at the moment.
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    Totti and Pirlo in the same side would be asking a lot of your midfield De Rossi and Marchisio do have incredible engines tbf but then all of a sudden you have no width.

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    Get Luca Toni in as well.

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    I had a Del Piero Juventus shirt when I was trying to play at one time which must have been about 15-16 years ago. When I first saw this thread I thought it might be about his son.

    Ftr they should definitely play them, as well as anyone else who was on Premier League Manager 1999 that's still knocking about
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