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Thread: Rowing thread

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    Well done to Kim, was a middle distance runner till she was 20, then had foot issues (from memory, might've been something else to do with her legs) and set herself to be the best rower she could be. Amazing effort to go and expend herself on two different events, getting medals in both.

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    Gold for our blokes in the four man kayaking. Led from go to woe. Top stuff.
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    Hoping Hartley can get a medal for SA here.

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    Gold for Lisa Carrington! What a girl.

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    Wow, five golds now! Brilliant stuff. All on the water too (not in the water - it's cold and that's a mug's game).

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    That was so awesome.

    Where did she come from?! From anonymity to the top of the world. I know she won the world champs last year, but everyone was like "who?!" But that was obviously no fluke. She's brilliant.

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    Christ would you look at the shoulders on her! Would be fun to see an arm wrestle between her and Valarie Adams!
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