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    Gutting. Really wish the Chinese hadn't fallen over against Japan in pool play, as from watching them against Australia I think we could've beaten them in a bronze match. Fair play to the Brits, they were by far the better side today. Still hurts though.
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    A Pretty embarrassing loss against the Dutch. Here's hoping we beat the Aussies.
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    Find myself feeling a bit sorry for the Argies here inexplicably...should have been a hit to them before the Penalty Corner.
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    Quote Originally Posted by superkingdave View Post
    Find myself feeling a bit sorry for the Argies here inexplicably...should have been a hit to them before the Penalty Corner.
    Yeah it's a failing of the video referral rule - they can't call for one if the infringement is outside the attacking 23. Just seems stupid that they can't call for something like that, when it directly led to a goal.

    Dutch were far stronger in that second half though. Feel a bit for Luciana Aymar, probably the greatest female player ever and she's got silver twice.

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