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Thread: How were the venues chosen?

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    How were the venues chosen?

    In all, five countries made bids for the matches in the world champs....

    2010 ICC World Twenty20 Championship: Guyana, Barbados, St Lucia named host venues : Kaieteur News

    "Five Caribbean countries made bids to host matches, half the number that pitched for matches at the 2007 World Cup. Antigua & Barbuda, Barbados, Guyana, St Kitts & Nevis and St Lucia met the deadline of November 18 for submitting their bids."

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the organising committee is an ICC one, with some WI representation on it. The committee ended up rejecting the bids of the Leeward territories of St Kitts and Antigua (two of the driest islands in the Caribbean!), and chose St Lucia, Barbados and Guyana. In the end, it was a decision they regretted, and, if I'm honest, I always feared that rain was going to ruin the matches in Guyana. Unfortuantely, my fears came true....

    Instead of giving the matches to Guyana, they should've been given to Antigua. Given Guyana's history with rain, they shouldn't have been given matches for a world tournament, where a rain-ruined match could affect the outcome of a tournament.

    How much did this committee rely on local advice?

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    So this rain is normal for this time of year? If so someone should be looking for a new job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GGG View Post
    So this rain is normal for this time of year? If so someone should be looking for a new job.
    Yeah, it's the rainy season in Guyana. Pure stupidity organising games there tbh.
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    Styris to Pietersen, SIX, wow, what a shot, that is awesome..its a repeat of his six off Muralitharan at Edgbaston, as he switches his grip and reverse-hits Styris over deep cover for a memorable maximum.
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    Styris to Pietersen, SIX, that's the most extraordinary shot, he switches his grip to that of a left-hander and launches Stryis high over long-off for a might six. That is one of the more incredible shots you'll see

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    Why am i not surprised at this ICC blunder

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