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Thread: Not getting the horn...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goughy View Post
    Its not that anyone doubts it. It is just that noone gives a ****. You want to go to South Africa and tell them that horn blowing can hurt peoples ears and they will laugh at you. They (possibly rightly) dont care and couldnt care less if you, and others, do. Its not a big deal locally.

    As they say out there "This is Africa, toughen up."

    I dont want to sound like I like them, as I dont, but I know why they are used and how they are valued locally.
    What about the argument that it's just ****?
    Quote Originally Posted by cpr View Post
    3. Although Cow Tipping is a hilarious student game in backwater towns such as Bangor, there really is no need for Mitchell to cover one side of the cow in superglue

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    Anyone downloaded the Vuvuzela app for their iPhone?

    It's actually a hell of a lot less annoying when it's you making the sound.

    Quote Originally Posted by Howe_zat View Post
    Come on Lancashire!
    Quote Originally Posted by Jono View Post
    Let it be known for the record that the font in the top of the picture noted that Kohli was wearing Jimmy Choo shoes and Happy Socks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matteh View Post
    What about the argument that it's just ****?
    I agree with you. They dont. Their WC.
    If I only just posted the above post, please wait 5 mins before replying as there will be edits

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    what about the argument that mitchell blows goats

    Quote Originally Posted by Axl Rose
    The internet is a big garbage can

    RIP Craigos. A true CW legend. You will be missed.

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    Not a flawed argument I would suggest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goughy View Post
    Its not that anyone doubts it. It is just that noone gives a ****. You want to go to South Africa and tell them that horn blowing can hurt peoples ears and they will laugh at you. They (possibly rightly) dont care and couldnt care less if you, and others, do. Its not a big deal locally.

    As they say out there "This is Africa, toughen up."

    I dont want to sound like I like them, as I dont, but I know why they are used and how they are valued locally.
    This is all well and good, however Africans aren't the only ones who want to watch the World Cup, it is a global event and you should be able to go and watch it without being in danger of having your hearing permanently damaged. If there is a genuine risk of that happening (and it sounds to me like there is), they should be banned, no ifs or buts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PhoenixFire View Post
    Being quiet is pretty dire as well, what sort of crappy live sporting event is quiet? Golf is the obvious answer, but I can't think of any proper sports where the live games are quiet.
    Tennis?? Man Utd at home??

    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Alex View Post
    About 3000 English hooligans were asked to surrender their passports ahead of this world cup because they were on the black list of authorities for causing problems at stadia repeatedly. I don't think any other nation had to take such extreme measures.
    Thats because most other countries don't give a flying **** about their hooligans trashing the **** out of another country. And usually they pick on the Brits, who get labeled as hooligans for fighting back.... Vicious circle, at least our nation is one trying to do something to stop it.... Possibly because we are the only ones that FIFA/UEFA ever punish for it.

    Quote Originally Posted by GingerFurball View Post
    Only ever seen crowd trouble twice - in 2002 vs Feyenoord when their fans decided to start attacking the Rangers fans on the other side of the police cordon, and in Bucharest last year, where I up at the back of the Rangers section, and suffered the appaling organisation of the Romanian police. While I'm not excusing what our fans did that night, I can fully understand why some fans reacted the way they did.
    Dutch fans are shocking for violance, esp Feyenoord/PSV, we've had trouble out there ourselves, not to mention being attacked in Rome (by fans and then police), being tear gassed by the French police whilst penned in the away end... Same thing by the Spanish on Spurs fans......

    Quote Originally Posted by BoyBrumby View Post
    The BBC has definitely jacked up the volume on Pearce & Mick The Plank's commentary for the Eyetie/Para game to try to drown them out. If being forced into such desperate measures isn't a clinching argument for banning them then I dunno what is.
    Says it all when Mick McCarthy is an alternative..... Actually, he wasn't, turned the TV off rather than listen to him.

    TBH, watching it on TV, I'm not overly bothered by the horns, just a different sound to what we are used to.... I might feel differently if I was at the game, but I'm not, none of us are, but a load of Africans who want to blow horns are, and if the crowd in there want to do it, then who are we to say no?

    Personally think it'll die down in a week, yes local fans will still be into it, however those who tried it as a local footie custom for the first game they went to will probably not bother, so may ease up a bit...... Heres hoping.
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    TBH I don't notice it much.

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    I know it's old but I still lol'd

    Quote Originally Posted by Jono View Post
    Mitch Johnson is ****ing awesome for cricket.
    Quote Originally Posted by pasag View Post
    Ponting's ability to ton up in the first innings of a series should not be understated. So much pressure, so important. What a great!

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    This West European campaign in the media and elsewhere to get the vuvuzela banned is a joke....

    It's not often I say this, but well said, Sepp Blatter!

    BBC Sport - Football - World Cup 2010: Organisers will not ban vuvuzelas

    'Fifa president Sepp Blatter also weighed into the debate and believes vuvuzelas are part and parcel of football in South Africa. "I have always said that Africa has a different rhythm, a different sound," he commented on social networking site Twitter. "I don't see banning the music traditions of fans in their own country. Would you want to see a ban on the fan traditions in your country?" '

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    Yes I'm waiting for the carbon dating to trace plastic FIFA endorsed vuvuzelas back to well before Christ. They're a modern fad. They have **** all history, particularly in South Africa.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scaly piscine View Post
    You reading Bild? Fail.
    Beware the lollipop of mediocrity. Lick once and you suck forever...

    RIP Fardin Qayyumi, a true legend of CW

    Quote Originally Posted by Boobidy View Post
    Bradman never had to face quicks like Sharma and Irfan Pathan. He wouldn't of lasted a ball against those 2, not to mention a spinner like Sehwag.

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    On TV I don't mind it so much, I just tune it out mentally.

    But if it is actually 130dB, then ban them I say. Don't really care what the locals think in that case, that's many times what you get at many rock concerts and quite obviously dangerous.
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    Was playing FIFA 08 today on the ps3. Felt empty without the feeling of a vicious headache at the end of the game itbt.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jono View Post
    Kohli. Do something in test cricket for once please.


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