Interesting story about how England take their carbon footprint seriously.

England team fights climate change en route to the World Cup (Press Release) - Department of Energy and Climate Change

"Supporting the project demonstrates that The FA takes the environmental impact of Englandís World Cup involvement seriously and is taking credible action to mitigate its impact."

ďI know the whole team are behind these efforts to lower our carbon footprint and leave a better world for the next generation.

I find it a little popularist and Ill be honest that I am amazed with the zeal the British embace this carbon footprint stuff and how fashionable it is. I cant say it means much to me but it cant be a bad thing though I find it a little wierd that a sports organisation is taking such an active interest.

As I said, doesnt mean much to me but I imagine it does to those in the UK so good on them for making the effort