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Thread: 2010 World Cup Tipping Comp

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    Pleased with fourth place, probably a better finish than I'd anticipated. Cheers to Brumby for the organising of the competition, well run as always.

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    Thanks for running the comp Brumbers :thumsbup:

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    Cheers for running this BoyBrumby.

    Pleased to manage a Top 10 finish. Very tight finish, considering the 16-point differential between first and last in scoring for the final round.

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    Cheers, Brum.

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    Not sure how to feel now tbh...

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    Congrats Dav

    beaten by one Aussie
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    Terrific efforts from the top performers - best effort of all from Brumbers though - you must have put a fair amount of time into organising it and the speed with which you updated it on a daily basis was remarkable

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    Cheers for running this Brumby.

    Disappointed to be just outside the top 10, but I near the bottom at one stage but I did better in the knockout stages.

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    at least finished on the positive side
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    Thanks for running this BB - was good fun even if in the end I sucked badly (damn Robben missing that great chance in the final grrrrrrrrrrrr).

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