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Thread: Sri Lanka Vs West Indies

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    Icon13 Sri Lanka Vs West Indies

    Hi Guys,

    I am really surprise to see Sri Lankan Captain Kumar Sangakkara avoids and purposefully ignoring Angelo Mathews in the T20 world-cup 11th match played against West Indies. He was supporting & trying to use Isuru Udana who gave enormous runs in the 8th match against Australia. Though Udana took 2 wickets, he gave 47 runs, whereas Mathews had given only 10 runs for 2 overs and took an early wicket, which boosted the moral of the team.
    URL: 8th Match, Group C: Australia v Sri Lanka at Nottingham, Jun 8, 2009 | Cricket Scorecard |

    Angelo Mathews performed very well; unbeaten 52, Sri Lanka vs Zimbabwe, tri-series, 2nd match, Mirpur, January 12, 2009
    URL: Angelo Mathews walks back after scoring an unbeaten 52 | Cricket Photo |

    An important thing to observe at the T20 world-cup 11th match played against West Indies;
    Sangakkara gave the last-over to Mathews, since he did not have an option. All the fast bowlers had finished their 4 overs and Sanatha Jayasooriya will not be appropriate for the last-over.
    I noticed when Mathews took the ball, his moral was so down and his performance reflected in his bowling.

    Angelo Mathews Page in below:

    URL Angelo Mathews | Cricket Players and Officials |

    I feel there’s something going-on in the team regarding the selection of Mathews and Udana and Captain Sangakkara is trying to push Mathews out the team and trying to keep Udana.

    Guys, this kind of act is not good in a team and I feel we must comment on this.

    Please Comment

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    Might just be tactics.=/

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    Maybe Sanga feels that Udara is the better bowler....

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