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Thread: Was anybody at ICC World T20 in 2007??

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    Was anybody at ICC World T20 in 2007??

    Need some help with putting together some recollections of first T20 tournament in South Africa.......from fans or volunteers.

    Were you there?

    What was the atmosphere like?

    How did it compare with other tournaments you've been to?

    What do you remember most about it?

    Etc etc

    All help gratefully received

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    I was there. Watched the semi and final where India defeated Australia and Pakistan respectively. Have 30 GB of footage from the world cup captured in my handi cam. I was staying in the same hotel as the players but was not keen to meet any one having already met loads of cricketers before. Gavaskar took the same flight as me but I didn't disturb him at the luggage counter having already met him 3-4 years back in Calcutta. Durban and Jo'burg were awesome. The atmoshphere was electric with music, cricket and the dancing girls! Feels like yesterday.
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