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Thread: Group D: Mexico, Iran, Angola, Portugal

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    Group D: Mexico, Iran, Angola, Portugal

    Come here to chat about the real Group of Death, with the Angolans and Iranians to go at each others throats for the title of "Most Tyrannical Dictator as decided by a soccer match

    Teams are Mexico, Iran, Angola and Portugal.

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    Cricketer Of The Year Blewy's Avatar
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    Portugal and Iran(A bit of an upset)

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    Portugal & Mexico
    Maria - Due December

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    Portugal and Mexico here too.
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    Interestingly, Iran vs Angola is the England fans 4th Group game - expect the group to be full of England fans!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pedro Delgado
    Portugal and Mexico here too.
    I'll third that.
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    Englishman BoyBrumby's Avatar
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    As nailed on as Christ on the cross, really can't see any surprises here. Very charitable draw for yer Portugese & Mexico should make the 16 where they'll undoubtedly lose to anyone half-decent who they play (possibly Argentina).

    Angola to finish third.

    1) Portugal
    2) Mexico
    3) Angola
    4) Iran
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    Quote Originally Posted by BoyBrumby
    (possibly Argentina).
    Surely you mean 'yer Argies'?
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    Hall of Fame Member superkingdave's Avatar
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    Mexico and Portugal in that order

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    International Vice-Captain Jungle Jumbo's Avatar
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    Mexico and Iran, or Portugal and Mexico

    or Iran and Mexico.

    Portugese to either top group or fail magnificently, with their old colony Angola nicking a 1-0 win over them. Ali Karimi could be interesting for Iran.

    Half of me wants Iran to flop, seeing as their dictator appears a little mindless, half wants them to win - to displease the second most mindless man in the world.

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    Hall of Fame Member Pothas's Avatar
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    Portugal and Mexico

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    Hall of Fame Member TT Boy's Avatar
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    Pretty tough group for Portugal if you ask me, Angola might be awful but colonial ties and hatred for it Portugal is paramount, expect fireworks when these two teams face off. Iran are a very decent and attractive side, most of the boys play in Germany and it will be nothing more than a home tie for them. Mexico are a very good side and expect them to progress. Portugal and Mexico but Iran could sneak second.

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    International Regular oz_fan's Avatar
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    1. Portugal
    2. Mexico
    3. Iran
    4. Angola

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    Portugal but Iran get in on goal difference (like Euro 2004 where Italy missed out...)
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    1. Portugal
    2. Mexico
    3. Angola
    4. Iran

    No idea about Angola and Iran, but this is a ridiculous group. I demand Portugal & Australia be swapped...
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