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Thread: Rooney

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    There is an article on the sydney morning herald website about a few of the young players training with the Socceroos....

    KRISTIAN SARKIES(Melbourne Victory). Born 25.10.86.

    The Victory attacking midfielder is "loving" his exposure to the big time, even if he is not so pleased about the nickname he has been given. One look, and the senior players quickly dubbed him "Rooney" - a reference to the fact that the Melbourne youngster does bear a passing resemblance to the injured England star.

    Sarkies has grown accustomed to the ribbing, although he would much prefer the comparisons to come for his footballing ability rather than his looks.

    "Rooney," he shrugs when asked about it. "Mark Viduka gave me that on the first day he saw me. The first lunch I sat next to Marco Bresciano and Viduka and Viduka just said, 'Hi, I'm Mark', and I said, 'I'm Kristian', and then he said, 'you look like Rooney' and I have just gone 'f--- off'."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Great Birtannia
    and then he said, 'you look like Rooney'
    I hope he doesn't.

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