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Thread: You dream world cup final

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    You dream world cup final

    If the 2006 world cup could run according to your script, who would you have meet in the final ?

    For me, I can't go past England V Argentina

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    England v Brazil or Germany
    Sweden v Czech Republic
    Maria - Due December

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    Australia vs England

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    Holland v Australia.

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    Australia vs England, though Australia vs anyone would be great.
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    Iran v United States and Iran to win 4-0

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    Australia vs England with Australia winning 2-1
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    Australia v T&T
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    Australia vs Holland

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    Yeah, Australia vs. England would be fantastic.

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    England vs Togo
    Or something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sideshowtim
    Yeah, Australia vs. England would be fantastic.
    Australia vs England....score 5-1 to Australia and Kewell scores 3 of them.

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    England v Argentina.

    England to win 1-0 thanks to a blatant dive from Michael Owen to win another penalty & Sol Campbell to concede a last minute penalty with a brutal scythe of Crespo (which ends Crespo's career), then subsequently saved from Riquelme by Robinson.

    After the game the population of Argentina vote to disband the country & Diego Maradona is sold to Huntingdon Life Science for vivisection.
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    Brazil v Argentina - or

    Brazil v Italy

    Otherwise Angola to meat Saudi Arabia in the final (Samuel Eto'o did say in Four Four Two that all five African teams will get into the last 16 at least) with Ghana to finish 3rd after beating Togo 3-0 with Essien the man of the match.
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    Bradman never had to face quicks like Sharma and Irfan Pathan. He wouldn't of lasted a ball against those 2, not to mention a spinner like Sehwag.

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    My dream World Cup has gone pear shaped already. Mine would have been Scotland vs. France, with Scotland winning 3-1. Own goals from Chimbonda and Alan Smith score before James McFadden gets the winner.

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