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Thread: World Cup Fantasy Comp

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    Quote Originally Posted by BoyBrumby
    Depends how you look at it. You can make changes now that will affect your team for the 3rd tranche of group games which start on 20/6. Gives you five days.
    Of course, hadn't thought of that!

    Still 4 changes is generous.
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    Latest scores on the doors. It's close, 8 points cover the first 9 teams.

    1) Brentford (jack firth) 82
    1) the 7 XI (Paddy Gundry) 82
    3) Cruyff's Rangers (Donald Chapman) 79
    3) Barrel Scrapers Int. (Chris Raftery) 79
    5) Sharpe's Rifles (Harry Flintoff) 79
    6) These Animal Men (Dale Brumby) 78
    7) Bimetallic Frog Toss (Martyn Corrin) 77
    8) AA at the WC (Marc Robbins) 76
    9) The Vic Two Blues (Jack McNamara) 74
    10) Scaly's Side (Craig Beevers) 69
    11) Mind the Metatarsal! (Jamee Gray) 68
    12) Goffy's Aussie Stars (Brendon Goff) 65
    13) Expatriot XI (Sean Bennett) 63
    14) Team Matteh (mat mitchell) 62
    15) McBride & Co (Alex Crampton) 61
    16) Rubble's Rocks (Matt Pitt) 59
    17) Watson's Aussies (Anthony Watson) 55
    18) clockwork orange (henry pearce) 53
    19) Tadpole is my Hero (Dave Richards) 51

    Disappointing showing from Oldham's finest there....
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    "this was Argentinaís heaviest defeat in the group stage of a World Cup since losing 6-1 to Czechoslovakia in 1958. It is also the first time they have failed to win either of their opening two matches at a World Cup for 44 years. Sampaoliís players, in other words, were creating history here" - The Guardian's Stuart James on Croatia's 3-0 dicking of the South Americans

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    well i did say i just told the site to pick me a random selection, not that i'm doing much better in the sportal one

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    It's a World Cup Dream Team double for Marc, congrats to him! I'm putting on my "good loser" fixed smile in second (I'd far rather be a mediocre winner...), edging out cpr by 2 points & GeraintIMH makes it an English 1-2-3-4. Dream team regular Anthony finishes as top non-Pom.

    Special congrats to SKD whose Tadpole is my Hero somehow manage to take 8th, despite a heroic lack of effort on his part.

    1. AA at the WC (Marc Robbins) 393
    2. These Animal Men (Dale Brumby) 381
    3. Barrel Scrapers Int. (Chris Raftery) 379
    4. Bimetallic Frog Toss (Martyn Corrin) 333
    5. Watson's Aussies (Anthony Watson) 332
    6. Scaly's Side (Craig Beevers) 309
    7. Goffy's Aussie Stars (Brendon Goff) 281
    8. Tadpole is my Hero (Dave Richards) 261
    9. Expatriot XI (Sean Bennett) 258
    10. Brentford (jack firth) 255
    11. the 7 XI (Paddy Gundry) 252
    12. Cruyff's Rangers (Donald Chapman) 248
    13. Sharpe's Rifles (Harry Flintoff) 240
    14. Rubble's Rocks (Matt Pitt) 236
    15. The Vic Two Blues (Jack McNamara) 233
    16. Team Matteh (mat Mitchell) 233
    17. Mind the Metatarsal! (Jamee Gray) 227
    18. McBride & Co (Alex Crampton) 208
    19. clockwork orange (henry pearce) 189

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    Quote Originally Posted by cpr
    Well the FIFA comp looks a bit pants. Couldnt even be bothered to go through the whole sign up. Whats the point of not having a transfer kitty? Takes half the challenge out of it

    anyway, for the comp, i've created a league

    League: Cricket Web Forum League
    Pass: cricketweb

    Feel free to join
    Only 5 of us entered cpr's comp, but one of them was me so I kinda feel duty-bound to post the final table. Not sure who was who, but I was Nobby Stiless Dentures.

    Congrats to the manager of Dont Mention The War , who absolutely waltzed it.

    1863. Dont Mention The War 270
    3395. Nobby Stiless Dentures 237
    4996. Matteh XI 209
    14499. Barrel Scrapers Int. 127
    24659. Visionary Road Maps 82

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    Quote Originally Posted by BoyBrumby
    Not sure who was who

    4996. Matteh XI 209
    Think it's obvious which team was mine
    Quote Originally Posted by cpr View Post
    3. Although Cow Tipping is a hilarious student game in backwater towns such as Bangor, there really is no need for Mitchell to cover one side of the cow in superglue

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    Pretty happy to have just not come last in that other one, having put such minimal effort in, and reporting Sportal as junk mail to Hotmail for sending me those emails about Trade Period being open...

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    4th place, not bad, incidentally with the same team I finished 6th in work

    Quote Originally Posted by Axl Rose
    The internet is a big garbage can

    RIP Craigos. A true CW legend. You will be missed.

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