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Thread: People without teams

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    Quote Originally Posted by new_age_ar
    Man i think that a pretty good call if Australia get up on Tuesday. Pretty good for a bandwagoner i must say.
    I'm sure Tharmi's been explaining everything to you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cloete
    I'm sure Tharmi's been explaining everything to you.
    Well i've actually played football back in Sri Lanka, with a coconuts instead of footballs, cus we didn't have any. So i got a fair idea what is going on, just don't have a idea who is a good team and bad team, I don't really follow the national or club scene.
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    Pains me to be posting here, but I'm obviously throwing my lot in with our Saxon kinfolk in the Fatherland.

    Really tho, anyone but Portugal would do. Even yer Eye-talians.
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    Probably the Azzurri for me now, despite the McBride-elbowing and Aussie-beating. Germany if they win today though.

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